Apple Watch is highly capable out of the box, but you could ensure maximum capabilities by installing third-party apps. If you want to extend the capability of your brand-new Apple Watch, here are apps to consider:

ETA ($4.99)

With ETA, it is easy to know how long it will take you to reach a destination and the traffic situation in the area. It would be convenient to get important traffic information when commuting. It can be risky to check on your iPhone while you are driving. When the road is somewhat congested, you should have the chance to use Apple Watch to obtain information from the ETA app.

PCalc ($9.99)

With PCalc, you can get a fully capable scientific calculator your Apple Watch. At nearly $10, this app is a bit pricey, but can be very versatile in many situations, whether for learning or professional settings. Whether you are students, coders, engineers, accountants, scientists or mathematicians, it is easy to use the app to find solutions.

Citymapper (Free)

If you commute each day using public transportation, it is easy to access relevant information with this app. Even if you are being squashed up inside a subway train, it’s easy to take a glance and know at what station you should debark.

Overcast ($9.99 per year)

Students, journalists, researchers and business professionals often use podcast platforms to gain knowledge. Overcast is an intuitive and polished podcast player that works across various devices, including iPad, iPhone and Apple Watch. There are features that you can use, such as cut out silences, speed up playback, go to sleep after a specific time, normalize volume levels, build custom playlists and others. If needed, it is also possible to put podcasts directly on your Apple Watch. You can use Overcast while driving, commuting on public transportation or working.

Things ($9.99)

You need to try Things, if you want to be more productive while using Apple Watch. Things are also available for macOS and iOS, making it easy to sync data across the platform. With Things, you can organize your daily tasks and life. During a busy day, you will know what to do next. In your to-do list, you can tick any item. Although it’s relatively pricey for a self-organization app, it should justify the expenditure.

WorkOutDoors ($5.99)

If you buy an Apple Watch, you may want to use it for various fitness purposes. WorkOutDoors is a map-based interface that can help you while cycling, running, hiking and walking. You can plot routes easily on the companion iPhone app. While doing your outdoor exercises, it easy to take a glance on your Apple Watch to check your planned route.

Just Press Record ($4.99)

During a lecture or meeting, it is convenient to have a versatile audio recorder app on your Apple Watch. You can listen to the recording again that can help you during the learning process and when doing productivity tasks. On your Apple Watch, the Just Press Record app can help you to quickly listen to recordings. There’s also a companion app for the iPhone and iPad.