Apple Watch SE is more affordable than Apple Watch Series 6, but it is still a capable device. With the Watch SE, you can still monitor movements, get directions and receive phone calls. Beyond these features, there are a few hidden, interesting that you don’t know yet.

Take screenshots

If you want to show the doctor your heart rate or blood oxygen level, capturing screenshots and sending them are easy to do. Simultaneously press the side button and digital crown of your Apple Watch SE to capture screenshot of the display. When the display flashes and your Apple Watch makes a sound, it means that it has taken the screenshot. Go to the iPhone Photos app and open Photos folder. Choose the screenshot and send it to your friend.

Find your iPhone

It’s very easy to misplace your iPhone and the Apple Watch SE can track it down. Go to the control panel interface of your Apple Watch SE. Look for the iPhone icon and tap it. If your iPhone is within the Bluetooth range, it should make a distinctive dinging noise. You may need to repeatedly press the icon as you move around the house. If the iPhone is within range and it already emits the noise, your Watch SE will display the “Pinging iPhone” notification. This feature won’t work if someone stole your iPhone and it’s no longer within Bluetooth range.

Identify songs

Shazam is a popular app that allows you to know the title of the song you are listening at the moment. You can get similar functionality with the Apple Watch SE, because it has built-in Shazam functionality. It is not necessary for you to install an additional app to properly identify the song. When you are listening to a song, ask “What song is this?” and Siri will automatically use Shazam to identify the song.

Cover up your watch to silence it

If you are in movie theatre or participating in a meeting, you may want to silence the Apple Watch SE. It is easy to do that. To mute the sound, cover the display for three seconds with your hand. If it doesn’t work, you need to enable this feature. On the paired iPhone, go to Watch app and choose Sounds & Haptics. Enable the “Cover to mute” option.

Remote for your Apple TV

If the remote of your Apple TV is nowhere to be found, the Apple Watch SE could do the task. In the Remote app, you can control the paired Apple TV. You may adjust volume, change channels, turn off the TV and more. Similar feature is available to control your iPhone, especially when you are playing music on your iPhone.


Go to Settings and open Home app. You can enable this feature on various devices, including iPad, iPhone, Apple Watch SE and Homepod. Use Siri to send message through intercom. As an example, you say, “Hey Siri, intercom, it’s time for dinner”. The intercom system will send this message to all enabled devices in the house.