The closed ecosystem of Apple products and software solutions allows seamless integration. If you use a Mac, iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch, you can be sure that they will work closely together. As an example, you can control various features of the Mac through the Apple Watch. It is convenient if your Mac is automatically unlocked if the Apple Watch is nearby. This functionality works with Mac from mid-2013 or newer with macOS 10.13 High Sierra or newer. Update your Apple Watch to the latest watchOS version to ensure that you get all the needed functionality and bug fixes. Bluetooth and Wi-Fi must be enabled on your Mac laptop. Your Apple ID must have two-factor authentication. Set up passcode and passwords for your Apple Watch and Mac. Go to the About This Mac page in the Apple Menu to know your current macOS version. After you properly pre-configure everything, you may enable the auto-lock feature.

On your Mac, go to the Apple Menu

Choose System Preferences> Security & Privacy

Click the General Tab

Enable  “Use your Apple Watch to unlock apps and your Mac”

A pop-up box will appear and type in the system password. Choose Unlock.

If you have multiple Apple Watches with the same Apple IS, you also need to specify the Apple Watch to unlock your Mac and apps.

Make sure that your Apple Watch is logged in, so it can unlock the Mac. When you sit in front of the Mac, it will unlock automatically and it is not necessary for you to type in the password. If the auto-unlock feature doesn’t work after updating the macOS versio of rebooting the Mac, you still need to use the password to log into the Mac. After that, the auto-unlock feature should work. If you have the original Apple Watch, Apple Watch 1 and Apple Watch 2, make sure that you use watchOS 3 or newer. On your Mac, you should use the macOS Sierra or newer. For the Apple Watch 3 or newer, you should use watchOS 4 or newer and macOS High Sierra for Mac.

As mentioned above, two-factor authentication should be enabled. The auto-lock feature won’t work if both devices don’t use the same Apple ID and iCloud account. Although everything has been pre-configured properly, the auto-lock feature may still fail to work. If this happens, go to Apple Menu. Choose System Preferences> Security & Privacy. Click the General tab. Disable “Use your Apple Watch to unlock apps and your Mac”. Close the Apple Menu page. Go back to the General tab and re-enable “Use your Apple Watch to unlock apps and your Mac”. Type in the password in the pop-up box if prompted. Other than for unlocking the Mac, you can also use the Apple Watch to control iTunes. Once connected, you can skip to the preferred son on the Apple Watch. When using Apple Keynote, the Apple Watch can work as a clicker.