Apple Watch wasn’t the first modern smartwatch, because we had Sony Smartwatch 2 and Samsung Galaxy Gear before that. Even so, Apple’s smartwatch immensely popularized the wearable sector. Among a few problems that people have about their smartwatches, these wearables are not the most durable, because they can be prone to dents, cracks and scratches after extended use. For lovers of outdoor activities, their smartwatches can be exposed to extreme situations. Apple is working on this issue by offering a more durable design. At the moment, we still don’t know how the device might look like, but it could arrive quite soon. Casio G-Shock could come to mind immediately, if we talk about durable smartwatches. If you do things casually, Casio’s smartwatches are virtually impervious to daily usages.

At its current state, Apple Watch is fairly durable, which is makes it useful for biking, swimming and running. However, if you want to do extreme sports, hiking and mountain climbing, a tougher device is necessary. Without doubt, people will flock to Apple’s new durable smartwatch, if it is available in the market. In Q4 2020, Apple claimed that it has acquired a whopping forty percent of the smartwatch market, compared to Samsung at just ten percent, Huawei eight percent, Imoo six percent and other manufacturers combined, 36 percent. With such development, it appears that Apple seeks to maintain its dominance in the wearable industry. After six generations of Apple Watch with largely similar designs, the Apple Watch 7 may get a completely new look, possibly with wraparound flexible display.

Based on a recent patent, Apple proposed a smartwatch design with contoured shape that fits around your wrist. Compared to regular smartwatches, it is definitely a huge departure with the square shapes. If it is true that the Apple Watch 7 will have wraparound design, it will strongly stand out compared to other models. However, it is likely that Apple will still allow users to swap out strap, because it is one of the strong points of Apple Watch models. Users will definitely appreciate this level of personalization. With a flexible display design, it is possible for Apple to do away with bezels entirely or at least shrink it down. The paten specifies that the bezel could only be 0.5mm thick or completely eliminated.

This is certainly a good development in the wearable sector. We have seen the use of flexible displays for smartphone and TV. The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 and Huawei Mate Xs have started the trend in the mobile industry. It is a natural development to see that future smartwatches will have flexible designs. Apple fans will only need to be hopeful that future flexible smartwatch will have competitive price range and durable design. Without doubt, Apple won’t rush out the release of its flexible smartwatch. The company shouldn’t repeat Samsung’s mistake when it released the original Galaxy Fold. Apple is also working on an iPhone design with flip style, just like the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip. Regardless of all the rumours, you shouldn’t hold your breath for any foldable device from Apple.