The Xiaomi Mi Watch is a great model to choose if you want an affordable fitness tracker and smartwatch. Costing at just £119 in the United Kingdom, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to get a stylish smartwatch. It is apparent that the Xiaomi Mi Watch effectively undercuts more popular models in the market, including the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 and Apple Watch.


Overall, the Mi Watch properly impersonates the appearance of more expensive wearables. Its glass-covered display curves at the sides slightly. The OLED display comes with rich colour and it should fill out the face well. Due to the pure blacks, the small rim shouldn’t be too noticeable. If you look closely, the sides are made of plastic, but because it’s hard plastic, you can be sure about its durability. The minimalist design looks really good and the metal side buttons adds a nice accent to the appearance. Thankfully, parts of the watch that you interact with are not made of plastic. The Xiaomi Mi Watch should survive more than a few bumps and shocks during daily uses.


The 1.39-inch OLED display with 454 x 454 resolution is quite satisfactory and it is something that we could find on a smartwatch that’s three times more expensive. The brightness matches the ambient environment, thanks to the auto brightness sensor. This is a feature that’s missing on many entry-level smartwatches. Although the interface isn’t as fluid as the Apple Watch or Samsung Galaxy Watch 3. This could be because the low refresh rate of the display, but if the refresh rate is too high, the battery life won’t be as good.


The Mi Watch comes with a variety of sensors, including heart rate, motion and SpO2 blood oxygen sensors. There is also full GPS connectivity and for the price, you really get more than what you bargain for. Unfortunately, although the Mi Watch looks interesting on paper, the implementation can be lacking at times. As an example, the heart rate sensor can be disappointing in terms of accuracy. When you begin the workout, the Mi Watch may overestimate the heart rate somewhat. When you are sitting down or walking normally, you may notice certain inaccuracies. When you feel quite relaxed, the Mi Watch may tell you that you are being stressed out. Hopefully, Xiaomi will release an update to fix this, because these sensors are virtually unusable with such inaccuracy.


Battery life is surely a strong point of the Xiaomi Mi Watch. The battery charge only drops to 85 percent after fifty hours of use. Xiaomi promises that the smartwatch could last for about than 14 days. You could configure the smartwatch to provide non-stop notifications and it still offers excellent battery life. There’s also support for Alexa and data stream works through wireless Bluetooth connection. In general, the Mi Watch offers the same functionality with a high-end fitness tracker. The display shows many details that are relevant to daily usages.