The Samsung Galaxy Watch series offers us some of the best Android smartwatch. They are capable enough to go toe to toe with premium smartwatches in the market, including Apple Watch. Despite their good design and advanced features, Samsung can improve the series further.

More performance and internal storage

Since the first Samsung Galaxy Watch released in 2018, Samsung hasn’t made substantial improvements to the internal hardware. The Galaxy Watch 3 still has a dual-core chip, the Exynos 9110. With 4GB of internal storage, there’s not enough flexibility for users to store more files and install additional apps. Future Galaxy Watch models could benefit from improved internals. This should deliver better responsiveness and usability. Unfortunately, Samsung still doesn’t have any follow up to its wearable-based chip. If it takes too long for Samsung to develop a new chipset for wearables, it could add more RAM. This should allow Galaxy Watch to juggle multiple tasks. It is not necessary for the Galaxy Watch to close and open apps frequently, because more apps can remain in the RAM. Larger internal storage is definitely overdue. Apple Watch already has 32GB of internal storage, while Samsung Galaxy Watch still remains with 8GB of internal storage.

Improved sensors

Smartwatches are also very useful as fitness and health tracking tools. There are already blood oxygen monitoring and ECG readings in Galaxy Watch. There’s definitely ample room for growth and Samsung can add more sensors in future Galaxy Watch models. Blood glucose monitor would be a great addition to future Galaxy Watch models, which can be a money-saving and life-saving measure for millions of diabetics. Previous and current Galaxy Watch models also have somewhat inaccurate heart rate sensor and GPS. Although the accuracy isn’t too bad, that’s enough to skew long term health and fitness data.

Improved software ecosystem

Tizen OS is one of the major software solutions in the wearable industry. Unfortunately, it hasn’t evolved much and problems start to show. For users, it can feel limiting that the selection of app for Galaxy Watch smartwatches is still quite modest. There are definitely popular apps available for Galaxy Watch, but niche apps are not available. There were reports that Samsung will switch to Wear OS, but Google’s software is still somewhat abandoned that lacks real development of further versions. If Samsung doesn’t improve the software ecosystem limitation, users get only less benefits although future Galaxy Watch models have substantially better performance.

Better design alternatives

Many people prefer to choose Apple Watch, due to the sheer amount of strap and case options. There is a wide range of materials and case colours. With Samsung Galaxy Watch smartwatches, there are limited design choices. You will only get a few official bands and a couple of material choices. Future Galaxy Watch models should have wider selection of designs. It will be much easier to match smartwatch with your wardrobe, because wearables are a part of the fashion statement. It is one thing that Samsung should follow through to improve visual appearance.