Huawei recently unveils the Elegant version of its original Watch Fit smartwatch. It comes with stainless steel, fluoro-elastomer strap and polished glass surface. In terms of material quality, the strap is similar to the sports band for the Apple Watch. There are two colour options for the Watch Fit Elegant. The Midnight Black has dark-coloured steel frame, while the Frosty White looks more feminine with its gold-hue frame. The Watch Elegant Fit looks similar to the original Elegant Fit in general design. An extra feature not available on the original is enhanced SpO2 sensor with continuous monitoring. SpO2 sensor of the original Elegant Fit provides only intermittent monitoring throughout the dat. This means, the Elegant provides better analytics with its continuous data tracking.

Users will get an alert if their blood oxygen level is too low with the continuous SpO2 monitoring. Just like with the original device, users should also get various health and fitness tracking features. The smartwatch could track many activities, including cycling, running and walking. It will also know when you do martial art performance or dance. Real-time monitoring of heart rate should get you motivated to reach fitness goals. With the Huawei Health app, users can get a more comprehensive report on fitness, sleep and heart rate data. There are animated short courses in the app that are easy for beginners to follow. If you are an avid runner, the Watch Fit Elegant comes with thirteen simulated courses. Each course has instruction to help you reach pre-determined physical goals. There is built-in GPS technology to track your route and step count. Without GPS enabled, the Elegant Fit offers ten days of battery life and slightly less if you often use GPS. Unfortunately, there are still no supports for third-party apps and NFC technology.

Pricing of Huawei Watch Fit Elegant varies by region. The UK price of this smartwatch is £109.99, with availability starting from March 23 from UK’s Huawei online store. In the UAE, the pricing is AED 499 with free Bluetooth speaker. Unfortunately, there are still no confirmation about US release date or price.

This smartwatch comes with USB cable for charging and magnetic fitting. The cable is quite short and the magnet is a bit weak, so you need to attach it carefully to ensure proper charging. The battery level represented as a percentage is definitely helpful. Swipe down the display to get this information. Based on tests, the battery charge goes down to 80 percent if you use the smartwatch for a whole day with a timed walk and three workout programs. It means, the actual battery life depends on your daily usages. It can be as short as five days, if you use the smartwatch more. For users, it should be quite straightforward to configure and use the Huawei Watch Fit Elegant. The proprietary operating system is lightweight with intuitive interface. Just like the original model, the Huawei Watch Fit Elegant remains an accessible and well-priced option for entry-level users. It supports both iPhone and Android smartphones.