Samsung Galaxy Watch uses pulse wave analysis to measure blood pressure. The smartwatch has integrated sensors to accurately gather heart rate information. Here are things to do:

Install necessary apps and update your devices

Make sure that you have Samsung Health Monitor, Samsung Health and Samsung Galaxy Wearable apps on your smartphone. They should have the latest versions. First of all, you need to open the Samsung Galaxy Wearable app on your smartphone. Go to its home screen and check the Watch software update. If there’s an available update file, you need to choose to download and install it. Open the Samsung Galaxy App store and check whether you have the latest version of Samsung Health app. Again, if there’s available software, you must choose to install it. Once you get the latest update versions of both apps, you need to download and install the Samsung Health Monitor on your smartphone from the Galaxy App Store.


Once you have fully updated apps and devices, you need to make sure that the system can accurately measure blood pressure level. You need to calibrate the blood pressure monitor before using it. Samsung advise that you put the cuff on the upper arm, so you will get very reliable results. On your paired smartphone, go to the Samsung Health Monitor and look for the blood pressure section. If it’s your first time, the app will ask you to calibrate the Galaxy Watch. You need blood pressure monitor with cuff to do calibration successfully. Make sure that you are fully relaxed and sit down. Place the cuff on your upper left arm at the same height with your heart. Measure your blood pressure level with the cuff and write down the result. Wear your smartwatch on the right hand and start measuring your blood level. It will take around 30 seconds to get reading. Once you get the result on your smartwatch, you should compare it with the previous result from the cuff-based blood pressure measurement device. If there’s disparity in value, open the Samsung Health Monitor app and manually add the result. You need to repeat the process twice more, so you will get more accurate results.

Take blood pressure reading

After you make sure that your device is properly updated and calibrated, you should get good measurement. To start the measurement process, you can use a dedicated widget or open the Samsung Health Monitor on your smartphone. Wait 30 minutes until you get measurement result. Just like when calibrating your smartwatch, you should also sit down and get relaxed. Put your right arm on a table and make sure you wear the smartwatch comfortable. If you do this properly, it is possible to get an accurate reading. If you measure blood pressure regularly, it is a good idea to calibrate the smartwatch every month. This will make sure that your blood pressure measurement will always be accurate. For people with hypertension problem, it is important to regularly measure blood pressure. Smartwatch with this feature can be a life-saving device, because you can perform measurement immediately based on schedule or if you suspect that you are experiencing a spike of blood pressure.