It is quite possible that Samsung will introduce two brand-new smartwatch models earlier than expected. The reliable tipster in the industry, Ice Universe, told us that the South Korean company will release the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 and Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 4. Both smart timepieces could be available in Q2 2021, which means, it will be sometime between April and June. Last year on August 30th, Samsung released the Galaxy Watch 3 along with its flagship model the Galaxy Note 20 models. However, there’s a possibility that these smartwatches will arrive later on September or October to compete directly against the Apple Watch Series 7. There were also rumours that these smartwatches will monitor the blood glucose levels. Samsung might be the first smartwatch manufacturer to introduce this capability for public use. At the moment, there are nearly 200 million people around the world who need to regularly take insulin.

This won’t only be convenient for diabetics, but can also be life-saving. If Samsung offers this feature, it would be a non-invasive method to track the fluctuation of glucose level. In the United States alone, there are about 25 million people who get daily injections of insulin. This can be tricky, because the injected dose can be different depending on the current blood sugar level. Injecting too much insulin could cause hypoglycaemia and if too little, there’s little impact on the excessively high blood sugar level. It is not necessary to regularly extract blood sugar level and use test strips. Unfortunately, these strips are not reusable and can be expensive if used regularly. The person would need to place the strip inside glucometer and it will show the blood sugar level. It will be a huge help for diabetics if they no longer need to draw blood and use test strips. However, the system will need to undergo rigorous examinations and receive approval from FDA. Accuracy is an important factor, because if diabetics have hypoglycaemia after injecting too much insulin, they may pass out. If they don’t take enough insulin, they will gradually lose functions of important organs, such as eyesight.

 Recently, we heard that future Samsung smartwatches won’t run Tizen OS any longer and the company may switch to Wear OS instead. Soon, we will see whether it will be true. There’s also a possibility that Samsung will release smartwatches with different operating systems to see the market reaction. Unfortunately, Wear OS isn’t without problem and in some ways, it can be quite outdated and Google doesn’t really care about it much. Some of the major features of Wear OS broke for months and Google fixed it only after getting negative media exposure. Some people even asked whether Wear OS is an officially dead mobile platform. Samsung definitely realizes that Wear OS is no longer a thriving software platform. Despite these problems, we could be certain that the next Galaxy Watch generation will be very interesting. As an example, the Galaxy Watch Active 2 is a great fitness-focused wearable. On the other hand, the Galaxy Watch 3 offers a premium feeling. They could do many great things, including tracking various health metrics.