In recent years, audio-focused smart glasses are starting to become a thing. The Razer Anzu could pair with various Android and iOS devices. Users will be able to do EQ adjustments, such as changing treble and bass. Through the companion app, users can also check battery status and access latency settings. It is possible to make phone calls with Razer Anzu and interact with virtual assistants. One common problem with audio glasses is that they don’t actually sound that good. To be more precise, these glasses tend to lack in terms of bass reproduction. At higher volumes, the sound tends to leak. Razer may make substantial improvements to ensure that the Razer Anzu smart glasses perform better in audio performance. The pair of glasses have integrated Bluetooth connectivity. It comes with open-air design to make sure that you can hear sounds around you. This makes the Anzu smart glasses suitable for workplace situations. There are two sets of interchangeable lenses. Polarized lenses can block 99 percent of UVA/UVB, while blue light filter lenses can block 35 percent blue light.

When it comes to indoor use, Razer Anzu is useful because it could block blue light from computer and smartphone screens. With the right lenses inserted, your eyes won’t feel the strain. With polarized lenses, you can protect your eyes when you are doing outdoor activities. It comes with integrated Bluetooth 5.1 connection and with this new standard, latency is only at 60ms. This makes the Anzu smart glasses a great equipment for online activity. There’s an omnidirectional antenna that ensures good all-around connection. When you engage actively with the smart glasses, the battery life is around five hours. It takes about 90 minutes to completely recharge the Anzu smart glasses. At around 45 grams, the Razer Anzu boasts lightweight and ergonomic designs. The smart glasses have fashionable and delicate look. On the side, there are touch controls to manage conference calls, enable/disable voice assistance, play/pause media and change music track. Razer regularly releases firmware updates for its devices, so you may get new improvements.

Razer Anzu comes with the IPX4 water resistance, so it will withstand more than sweaty face and drops of rain. Inside the box, you get two pairs of lenses, small carrying case, cleaning cloth and USB-A charging cable. The whole set is available for $199.99 and to get another pair of polarized lenses, you can buy them for $29.99.

The company has also released the MOBA Razer Edition in collaboration with Gunnar Optiks. It’s an eyewear for gaming purposes. The RPG Razer Edition is an earlier collaborative model, available for $99. It supports many triple-A games, including Assassin’s Creed Valhalla and Rainbow Six Siege. Razer engineers this eyewear for young adults and teens, which encapsulates features of great comfort. People are able to play games for longer hours and have so much fun. The Amber lens technology from Gunnar can reduce eye strain by blocking 65 percent of blue light. With tight-fit nose bridge, the eyewear should be properly secured and it won’t be distracting.