Today, there is a wide variety of devices that we could find in the market. Before settling on a type of wearable, it is important to choose the one that we need. One of the most common problems is choosing between smartwatches or fitness trackers. When strapping any of these wearables, you could get many fitness and health metrics. If you think of this more carefully, fitness trackers can be a better solution for you.

Smaller or simpler

It is true that smartwatches have plenty more features than fitness trackers, but you may prefer something smaller or simpler. Just like smartwatches, you can still track the time and date. Fitness trackers can definitely track your fitness and health. Some may also be paired with your smartphone to get notifications of emails, calls and messaging. Although fitness trackers definitely lose out on personalization and features, you can be certain that they are simpler and smaller. Most popular fitness trackers like Fitbit Inspire and Fitbit Charge are known for being compact with the sleek displays. Visually, fitness trackers feel and look more subtle. You can tuck it under sleeves without any problem. If you want to fitness trackers, you can choose Fitbit Inspire or a few other models, because they could serve up social media notifications and handle phone calls.

Longer battery life

Many fitness trackers promise much longer battery life. As an example, Fitbit Inspire 2 promises 10 days of battery life. It means, you can wear a fitness tracker for a whole week, before you need to charge it again. If you want exceptional battery life, you can choose special types of smartwatch. As an example, Garmin Fenix 6 Solar comes with built-in solar panel. However, most smartwatches could only last for a few days on a single charge. So, it is your best bet to choose fitness trackers to get more functionality on a single charge.

More affordable

Smartwatches have many advanced features that you may not get from a fitness tracker. As an example, Apple Watch and Wear OS smartwatches allow you to install many apps, enhancing the original designs of these smartwatch. In terms of software functionality, fitness trackers are definitely less versatile. It means, fitness trackers have much simpler hardware and this contributes to lower prices. Many affordable smartwatches only cost around $100 or less. You can get even lower pricing by getting deals from major sellers.

Paired with traditional, analogue wristwatch

Many people still want to wear luxury traditional wristwatches and they may still consider smartwatches as unnecessary gadgets. However, they may already recognize the important of continuous health and fitness tracking. Because fitness trackers are much smaller and more subtle than smartwatches, you can wear it with traditional wristwatches. Some fitness trackers may look like normal bracelet and for more conservative look, you can choose a fitness tracker with neutral colours. As mentioned above, you can tuck a fitness tracker under your sleeves, so they will be completely concealed in daily activities.