Moto-branded wearables are staging a new comeback this year with three new smartwatch models. The first smartwatch looks like the Moto G and although the presentation slide doesn’t tell us anything about hardware specs, it seems to be a budget smartphone model with no rotating crown and simple case. Another model has a rectangular case and it appears more like the Apple Watch, which is a break of Moto’s usual tradition. It is very likely that these devices will use Wear OS and inside, there will be the newer Snapdragon 4100 chipset. Although the Wear OS has smaller share in the smartwatch market, compared to what Samsung and Apple are offering, the open source platform from Google is something that many manufacturers would choose. eBuyNow is a licensee of Motorola brand and it unveiled the Moto 360 smartwatch in October 2019. This company will be the one that introduces the three Moto smartwatches this year. Differences of these smartwatch will relate to target consumers and the overall physical design. We need to wait a bit longer to get more details about these new smartwatches.

The Moto brand is fairly popular for its budget smartphones and recently, it released the Moto G10 and G30. Both plastic-clad devices have identical weights and dimensions. On its back, the Moto G10 comes with the wavy-looking texture, while Moto G30 offers the matte back. Colour options for the G10 are Sakura Pearl and Aurora Grey, while the G30 is available as Pastel Sky and Dark Pearl. The 6.5-inch IPS LCD display has 1600 x 720 resolution, which is good enough for most tasks, but you may notice some jaggedness if you scrutinize smaller elements. The Moto G10 comes with the standard 60Hz refresh rate, while the G30 offers the higher 90Hz refresh rate for smoother navigation and gameplay. On the back, the G10 has 48MP primary camera and the G30 with higher 64MP. Inside, the Moto G30 has Snapdragon 662 for lower mid-range performance, while the G10 has the entry-level Snapdragon 460, which is enough for casual gaming. Thanks to its speedier chipset and more fluid refresh rate, the Moto G30 should offer much better experience when navigating the interface and playing games.

There’s also 5,000mAh battery for both phones that can last you two hours with casual uses. The G30 comes with 15W wired charging, while the G10 with more generic 10W charging. The G10 has 64GB storage that allows you to install quite a few apps and the G30 allows you to install many more with its 128GB storage. If you are still concerned about the available storage, there’s also support for up to 512GB microSD with both devices. So, it is clear that you want to get better performance, better camera and more internal storage, you may invest a bit more on Moto G30. This will allow you to get more convenience in daily activities. These phones are generally identical in terms of hardware, aside from some details. It is probable that this will apply as well for the three Moto smartwatches.