It has been a challenging time for Huawei due to US sanctions that limit access to Google’s services. However, the Chinese company is not sitting still and it’s trying to be more independent. Impacts of the sanction also extend to Huawei’s smartwatches. The company’s wearables are now using the LiteOS platform. A huge criticism about this operating system is the lack of support from 3rd party developers. The well-praised GT 2e could only support a few apps, due to limitation of the LiteOS platform. Users can read emails and control music with the smartwatch, but other functions are pretty limited.

It is true that Huawei’s smartwatches will be less vulnerable to rogue apps that may cause potential data breach. Unoptimized third party apps may also continue running in the background sapping the precious battery life. However, support for third party apps is essential at the moment, if Huawei wants to offer a more complete experience. The company has recently released the Fitify app for the Watch GT 2 Pro. It’s the start for a proprietary software environment that allows developers to create workable apps for LiteOS smartwatches. The Developer integration kits are now available, allowing development teams to create and add their apps for Huawei’s wearables. As of Q3 2020, the China-based company has sold more than 10 million units of smartwatches and this represents a sizable market. Without doubt, many users are looking to extend the usability of their wearable.

Huawei continues to improve its current smartwatches, including the Huawei Watch GT 2 Pro. Recently, the company released a new feature for GT 2 Pro, called Mood Messenger. It allows users to reply SMS immediately from their smartwatch. Before the update, users were only able to check the SMS notification and were unable to send replies. It works like same feature in Apple Watch, but the whole experience isn’t as flexible, if we compare it with the Wear OS. To speed time replies, users have the ability to send pre-defined answers and emojis. If you want to send longer text messages, it is still more convenient to use the smartphone. Even so, quick replies are still convenient if you use the smartwatch. Mood Messenger must be the default app for SMS if you want to use this ability. Users can download the app into the smartwatch from the Huawei App Gallery.

With the update version, Huawei also delivers always-on motion interface and better system stability. There are also optimized functionalities for UI interface, menstrual cycle tracking and running tracking. Improved password feature is certainly a great addition for the Watch GT2 Pro, because users can be sure that their personal data can be protected. It is now possible for users to set up PIN protection for their smartwatch, which makes it easy to unlock the interface. Users can go to Huawei Health app to get the latest software update for the smartwatch. It is important to be sure that the device must have at least 30 percent charge before it updates.