Since 2014, Samsung smartwatch models have been using Tizen operating systems, while other competing models are using Google Wear OS. According to latest sources, there is a possibility that South Korean company will transition to Google’s operating system. Ice Universe, the popular tipster for Samsung-related news, revealed recently that future Galaxy Watch models will adopt Wear OS. The Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 3 will be available this summer and it could be the first smartwatch with the Wear OS. Google’s implementation for smartwatch was somewhat messy and Tizen was in a quite favourable situation to compete with Wear OS. Although Tizen is a decent software platform for Galaxy Watch models, it still can’t match the diversity of 3rd-party apps of Wear OS. If true, this could be a sign that Samsung has admitted defeat in terms of smartwatch operating system.

On the other hand, this would mean that the competition between Wear-based smartwatches will be more intense. The current Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 has left great impression among many customers and it is interesting to see what kind of devices the Watch Active 3 would be. The GalaxyClub via SamMobile has discovered two new smartwatch models, the SM-R87x and SM-R86x. Because current smartwatches from Samsung has similar SM-R8xx model number, we could safely assume that these two devices will be new smartwatch models from the company.  Just like most early rumours, it doesn’t mention exact features or specifications. However, it is still possible for us to make enough educated guess. The Samsung Galaxy S series smartphones are available on a yearly basis. However, the same thing doesn’t apply to the company’s wearable devices. So, it is quite difficult to predict what Samsung is developing or planning to release. The original Galaxy Watch smartwatch appeared in August 2018 and since then, the series is rather difficult to keep track.

In 2019, Samsung didn’t release the Galaxy Watch 2, but the company released both the Watch Active and Watch Active 2 smartwatches. Last year, Samsung released the Galaxy Watch 3, so it skipped the Galaxy Watch 2. Until now, the company hasn’t updated the Galaxy Watch Active series. We could make an educated guess that one of these devices would be the Galaxy Watch Active 3. However, since Samsung released the Galaxy Watch 3 in August 2020, it seems to be a bit early for the new Galaxy Watch 3. There’s also no confirmation that Samsung will release two smartwatch models at the same time. If one of these devices are really Galaxy Watch 4, it is possible that it will arrive in the second half of 2021. If it is true that Samsung is planning to switch to Wear OS, the company should know that its state is a rather dire one. It would be a rather inappropriate time to adopt the Wear OS. Google’s operating system for smartwatch has a rather uncertain future and in fact, the search engine giant has somewhat neglected it. Also, by using the Wear OS, Samsung will barely have any control on the Tizen’s core code.