Facebook has been working on a new smartwatch model with optimizations for fitness and messaging. This new smartwatch will include integrated cellular support and it should be available in 2022. With the rising popularity of smartwatches, social media users want to wear a device that notifies them. It is not necessary for them to wake up the smartphone and check the notifications. It is possible for them to get a brief notification and read the content of the device. Facebook is a large social media network. Other than Facebook as its primary platform, the company also has Instagram for visual sharing and WhatsApp for instant messaging. It means, the new smartwatch should have excellent integration with these platforms. There could be sensors for measuring blood oxygen levels and heart rate. It is possible that Facebook is developing its own proprietary operating system for the smartwatch and the code could be based on Android. Despite its popularity in the social media scene, it could still be a challenge for Facebook to acquire a sizable market niche. Most users are currently using Apple Watch or smartwatches with Wear OS. Facebook could sell its smartwatch at lower price that’s near the production costs. The starting price of Facebook smartwatch is around $399, which is more attractive than Apple Watch.

Wearable devices will be part of Facebook’s long-term strategy as a way for portfolio diversification. The company will also release an AR wearable and it could be available in 2023. It means, the company would compete directly with Apple that is planning to release AR glass. Much of Facebook’s revenue is obtained through advertising, which reaches $86 each year. So, it is likely that smartwatch is simply a way to understand users’ behaviours to optimize advertising. This will help Facebook to better improve its advertising performance and gain more revenue by doing things relevantly. As a major tech company, we should expect that Facebook will join Apple and Google in the smartwatch market. At the moment, we still don’t know anything about the possible hardware configuration.  However, we could assume that the hardware won’t be something groundbreaking, because it will be an affordable device. Even so, what’s important for users is the actual functionality of the smartwatch. Facebook users would be happy enough if the device is suitable for their social media needs. When they are commuting, driving or working, they want to know what’s the notification and social media message is all about. There’s a prediction that Facebook is also planning for a second smartwatch model, which will be available in 2023.

It is quite interesting to see how the digital industry is progressing. After fierce competitions, we have seen how global companies are controlling the Internet digital infrastructure. Social media is now as important as search engine. Because, not only people are able to interact with one another, but this platform is also a great way for them to obtain information. Facebook is now a major player in this industry and it will do anything possible to expand technologically, including releasing a social media-friendly smartwatch.