We have been hearing about the Apple AirTags, which allow users to easily find anything. Users can attach the car key to the AirTag and they won’t lose it again. However, there’s no further confirmation that Apple will release the AirTag soon. Now, Samsung has beaten Apple, with the release of the Galaxy SmartTag. Although it’s quite bulky, the SmartTag is potentially useful for daily lives. This device is also compatible with other Galaxy devices. It is also possible to put the SmartTag inside the dog tag, so you won’t lose your pet again. This is a good thing if your pet is active and, on the move, constantly. With proper use, the Samsung SmartTag should worth its $30 pricing. It is also possible to put the tag inside the child’s pocket, so parents can have peace of mind, especially in crowded areas.

For family uses, it is a good idea to have more than one SmartTag. With its 4 cm x 4 cm dimension, the case of SmartTag is about 60 percent smaller than the case of AirPods. So, this device is quite compact and portable. However, if the puppy is too small, it won’t be convenient to hang the SmartTag on the collar. At 1 cm thick, this tag isn’t that slim. However, the loud speaker and robust connectivity of Bluetooth should be helpful for any user. With proper design, Samsung has confirmed that the SmartTag could work flawlessly. For many users, this device should be a lifesaver. It is important to be aware that the SmartTag isn’t water-proofed, so it’s important to make sure that you shouldn’t use it during rainy days. The coin-sized CR2032 battery is user-replaceable and it should last for about one year.

Because the battery could lose its charge suddenly, it is important to schedule the annual replacement. At the bottom of SmartTag, there’s a small opening. You need to pick at it with a coin or fingernail to open the case. This allows you to replace the battery. The regular version of SmartTag only has Bluetooth connection, so it is important to bring the smartphone, until you are within reach of the SmartTag. To do this, users need to connect the Galaxy smartphone with Galaxy SmartTag. In the smartphone app, it will be easy to measure the Signal Strength bar. When you are closer to the SmartTag, the signal will be stronger. When the SmartTag is near enough, users can tap the Ring button with the app, so the SmartTag will play recognizable and fairly loud sound. Even if the car key is in a drawer or under the couch, it should be audible.

With its capable Bluetooth LE antenna, the Galaxy SmartTag will listen for nearby Galaxy smartphones. When the smartphone gets a glimpse of the tag’s signal, the app will show the identifier. So, with the last known location, users can immediately locate the missing item. It is an automatic process and user input isn’t necessary. If the SmartTag has been paired and the Bluetooth on your smartphone is active, you will eventually get a ping.