TicWatch Pro 3 is a smartwatch with large display and reasonably powerful Wear 4100 chipset. With its capable hardware, this smartwatch model could bring a new change in the smartwatch sector. The Chinese company owns the TicWatch brand and the Pro 3 should compete directly with the Fossil Gen 5 and current Samsung Galaxy Watches. Despite being a large-sized device, the TicWatch Pro 3 doesn’t look chunky. It should work well for users with large wrist, but still quite light to use. The low-powered display looks quite basic, if we compare it to displays of competing smartwatch models. However, the huge 1.4-inch display is essentially two screens. The top screen is an efficient LCD display that shows essential information like time, date, battery level and steps.

Another screen is bright and crisp AMOLED display that will light up when you interact with it actively. It shows regular face, notifications and apps. This is a great way to extend battery life, because you don’t need to use the colour screen to get basic information. However, it can be quite annoying not being able to check notifications quickly. You also need to switch regularly between two displays. It is possible to continuously switch on the colourful display, but this defeats the purpose of having two-display arrangement. There are a couple of physical buttons, one to access apps and another specifically for enabling exercise app. One problem with this smartwatch is the rather inadequate haptics for alerts. Even at strongest settings, you may barely feel the vibration and you would only hear the noise of the motor.


In terms of design, the TicWatch Pro 3 has 48mm case size with 12.2mm thickness. Weighing at around 42 grams, this smartwatch should be manageable for prolonged uses. The 8GB internal storage and 1GB of RAM should be adequate for most users. The IP68 water resistance allows the smartwatch to withstand drizzles and accidental splashes. Available sensors include SpO2, heart rate, gyroscope, ambient light and barometer. Other features are GPS, NFC, speaker, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.2 and microphone. When charging the smartwatch, you use a small USB cable and it will attach magnetically to your smartwatch. It takes about a couple of hours to charge the TicWatch Pro 3, but unfortunately, the power adaptor isn’t available in the box. If we compare the Fossil Gen 5 with its Wear 3100 chip, the TicWatch Pro 3 should perform better. The Wear OS of TicWatch Pro 3 comes with Google Assistant, so users can quickly get relevant information. For contactless payments, you can use the Google Pay.

As a final verdict, the TicWatch Pro 3 should quite capable with its Snapdragon Wear 4100 chipset and it has good battery life. The dual-layer display should be capable of prolonging battery life if you use it properly. It is a lightweight wearable that anyone would love to wear. One disappointing fact is that the TicWatch Pro 3 has a rather weak vibration, so it won’t work so well when there’s notification.