For many people, smartwatches are an important part of their daily lives. These wearables could become integral parts that can help to enhance productivity and make life easier. However, it is possible that you don’t really need a smartwatch, because a fitness band with basic functionality is enough for your casual needs. Some people have decided to make a transition to a fitness band, because it already shows time, date and other important details. In fact, you may find that ditching your smartwatch entirely is a realistic thing to do. Fitbit has made fitness bands popular in the market and at the moment, these trackers are just an afterthought in the wearable market. While typical smartwatches have only two days of battery life, fitness trackers could last for up to two weeks. As an example, the Xiaomi Mi Band 5 offers 14 days of battery life. The Samsung Galaxy Fit 2 offers 15 days of battery life and Fitbit Inspire 2 comes with 10 days of battery life. For people who spend time outdoor, fitness tracker should be an ideal solution. After spending a few months using a fitness band, you may realize that battery life is a factor that you no longer consider. Once you charge the fitness band, you can charge it in less time, which is convenient for busy individuals.

If you are an active individual who spends time outdoor and stays active, fitness tracking should meet all the basic requirements. It should be adequate for your needs. Some fitness trackers have integrated GPS feature and alternatively, you can use smartphone for navigation functionality. If your main focus is for recording fitness level, sleep quality and heart rate, fitness band could do that for you. Trackers like Samsung Galaxy Fit 2 could already offer 24/7 monitoring for heart rate and step counting.  Some fitness bands don’t have GPS functionality and SpO2 sensor, but for many people, they could live without these features. If you have a Samsung-made fitness tracker, it should be possible to funnel data to a Samsung smartphone. Another factor to consider is that fitness bands have more straightforward interface, if we compare it with regular smartwatches. One thing that appeal to many people is the lower pricing of fitness bands. As an example, The Fitbit Inspire 2 is available for $99, Samsung Galaxy Fit 2 at $60 and the Xiaomi Mi Band 5 is very affordable at $30. Despite their low prices, these fitness bands are solid devices. For these people, fitness bands could simplify their lives. If you want to get more functionality, it is better to choose fitness band that can display notifications.


Considering the above reasons, you may switch from a smartwatch to fitness band. These wearables are low-cost, but still provide you with plenty of functionality. It is a good thing to think outside the box and consider choosing a different device category. After using the fitness band for a few months, you will be quite happy about it.