Sony has filed a new patent about asymmetric VR and it allows the audience to influence and participate in virtual reality experience. Details about the patent are available in the USPTO website. This technology augments the virtual reality with spectator inputs. This make the content feels more interactive, because the audience can participate. At the moment, when you are inside the virtual reality content, you will be a passive audience. In order to make things more structured, virtual reality interaction could depend on pre-determined choices. The content provider can wait for user inputs and the interaction should make the experience feels better, depending on the content. This technology should require minimum change in hardware and it’s more about software-based innovations. It means that the technology is applicable for existing devices. Users will also feel more excited about interacting in a content and they will be eager to participate. However, it is important to be aware that not all patents will apply in real life. Even so, it would be interesting to see how Sony will improve future VR content. As an example, it is possible that the Japanese company will integrate asymmetric VR into its premier gaming console, the PlayStation 5.

There’s no denying that the PS5 is a powerful platform for gaming and it’s interesting how virtual reality will apply with it. It’s becoming quite clear that virtual reality is a mainstream technology in the digital sector. You can enter a 3D world and stay within a virtual world, depending on the content. You need to set up an ample space before using a VR wearable headset. After donning the VR wearable, gaming experience should be much better compared to traditional gaming with joystick. PS5 has the hardware specification to allow proper virtual reality implementation. This technology should get better and become more mature. If you want to properly use PS5 and virtual reality, it is important to use the right VR gear and choose the right game or content. We often assume that virtual reality is an expensive technology and it’s very difficult to implement it with regular devices. However, you can use various components, like special controllers, cameras and headsets. If you have a PS5, you choose the PSVR starter pack. It is a more affordable way start interacting with VR content with PS5 without spending too much money. Amazon also includes various games with the Starter Pack, such as Everybody’s Golf VR, Resident Evil: Biohazard, Astrobot, Skyrim and PlayStation Worlds for higher pricing.

If you want to save more money, you can choose a pre-owned headset. Some refurbished VR devices are in good quality. With the headset, it is possible to connect it directly to the PS5 console to start interacting within the VR world. However, there are definitely challenges when using PS5 for VR interaction. As an example, you need to find proper cameras. You need a reliable controller to properly navigate the digital realm. The controller allows you to point and click specific spots in a 3D realm.