Skagen is one of Fossil Group’s brand in the smartwatch market. The Skagen Jorn Hybrid HR is the latest model from the brand. As a hybrid smartwatch, it looks like a traditional analogue wristwatch, but there are still digital implementations inside. It has 42mm case size and always-on 27.9mm display with 218ppi of pixel density. The 12mm thick case is from stainless steel with 22mm straps. The $195 smartwatch has 16MP internal storage, two-week of battery life, compatibility with iOS/Android and certification for 3ATM water resistance. For men, it is easy to see that the Jorn Hybrid HR is a visually pleasing wearable. It doesn’t look like a smartwatch with the classic display. For business professionals or more conservative individuals who don’t want to wear anything with colourful display, the Jorn Hybrid HR is a good choice. The device has three buttons on the stainless-steel casing and they are quite customizable. Available colour options are gold, silver, black and gray. As a digital device, there are multiple configuration options and the customization may depend on personal choices. On the bottom, there’s a sensor for heart rate monitoring, hence the HR naming of the device. Just like any smartwatch, there’s fitness-tracking     

This smartwatch should be compatible with any 22mm strap. It comes with a steel mesh strap and it should look quite good. Skagen provides a tutorial on how to attach the strap. Be aware that you can’t control the Jorn Hybrid HR with touch interactive and you can control the device with various buttons. However, you can turn the front light by tapping the main display. It is useful when using the smartwatch in dark place. Unlike some smartwatch models, the Jorn Hybrid HR doesn’t turn on when you raise the wrist. When the notification appears, you can’t read the message. However, the middle button allows you to expand the message. To open the main menu, you can hold and press the middle button. The way you interact with the smartwatch can be somewhat clunky, but you should be able to do it quite comfortably. There is also the Do Not Disturb feature, so it’s convenient to use the smartphone during meeting or in a movie theatre. This smartwatch supports any device with Android and iOS. Another thing that’s quite convenient is the long battery life. Compared to other smartwatches with full touchscreen display, Skagen offers two weeks of battery life with its Jorn Hybrid HR. Although the functionality can be somewhat basic, many people don’t really need overly advanced features.

Overall, it should be quite convenient to use the Jorn Hybrid HR, although some users may complain that it takes quite a work. The side buttons can work for functionality, depending on user-configured shortcuts. It is important to dig deeper into settings, so you can configure the smartwatch based on personal preferences. For men, smartwatches can feel like a personal product with various functionality and style. Compared to Wear OS smartwatches and Apple Watch, you can’t get similar app ecosystem. There’s even no app for music playback.