The coronavirus pandemic has brought significant changes to our lives. Although the outbreak will subside one day, some of the impacts can be permanent. Many businesses and professionals finally realize that working from is a feasible thing to do. It should be no surprise that future devices will be more suitable for the home working routine. We should expect that there will be new features of smartwatches that can make professionals more productive at home. These features should address some of the gripes that employees often experience. There are many issues that people experience during the prolonged lockdown measures. Lack of separations between personal life and work, social isolation and financial concerns be difficult to handle. Among those who work from home, people often find a number of distractions. House chores, kids and other obligations may make it more difficult concentrate. Productivity at home could also depend on the job type and personal characteristics. Emotional stability and independence could also affect how people perform at work. Creative and dull tasks could affect your motivation. Snacks, drinks, other websites, computer games, YouTube videos, social media and smartphone notifications can be unbearably distracting.  

Upcoming smartwatch models may come with a number of apps or methods that can make people work more productively. One of the most common methods is Podomoro Technique. It is a simple method to understand and follow. As an example, you can set a timer to 25 minutes. During this short period, you need to work hard and concentrate fully. After completing the session, you could get a five-minute break. It is easy to implement the same technique with your smartwatch. By enabling a special app in your smartwatch, it will start a 25-minute period and you will get a notification when it’s time to take a break. Pomodoro technique is just a way to set a real limitation on things that you should do. Everything you do during the period should be relevant to work. If there are smartphones and other devices that could a hindrance to your concentration, it is important to put them away. You should also consider disabling Internet connection during a Pomodoro session to eliminate any online distraction. After the session ends, you can reconnect for awhile to see whether you get new emails and social media updates from co-workers. If you keep enabling the Internet connection, it is very easy to fall into the Reddit or Twitter rabbit hole.

When working from home, we drink and eat snack more. If you are diabetic, it is important to measure blood sugar levels constantly. Most methods for measuring blood sugar level is quite invasive, because you need to draw blood. Future smartwatches may have a few micro needles on their back. They can sense fluid just under the skin and it’s not necessary to collect blood. Constant measurement of blood sugar level is crucial for long-term health. If someone develops pre-diabetes symptoms, it is better to quickly treat them to prevent the condition from getting worse.