Today, many users want to have better reliability when it comes to tracking activities, readiness and sleep. However, wearing Apple Watch all the time won’t be possible, especially when you need to recharge it. The Oura Ring is a more convenient wearable, because you don’t have to remove it when bathing, swimming and working. Although it is not as capable as Apple Watch when tracking health indicators, the Oura Ring is definitely a proper complementary device. One important thing about choosing wearables, you need to make sure that they are stylish. The Heritage Stealth model is a titanium ring with dark-grey matte finish and flattened edge. The Balance model of Oura Ring has one single point and it’s not entirely flat. Because each user has different finger size, the company will send you a set of plastic rings with different size. Oura recommends you to wear a dummy plastic ring for one day, before confirming it. That’s because, finger size could change slightly, depending on several factors.

Oura manages to put a number of sensors inside the ring. The IR sensor could track respiration and heart rate. 3D accelerator is useful for tracking movement. There’s also a different sensor for monitoring body temperature, which is accurate enough to detect 0.1 degree Celsius. By tracking movement at night, it is possible to determine sleep quality and level of restlessness. This could determine when you are in light, deep and REM sleep. It could also detect various daytime activities, such as calories burned, walking distance and steps. Although Apple Watch does a better job in tracking health indicators, but it would be helpful to continue wearing Oura Ring. After collecting your health and physical data, the Oura app will determine your latest score. If your score is low, it means that you are sick or stressed out. By configuring the Moment option, it is possible to trigger various measurements of Oura. This is a good way to measure your body, while you are having a quick nap, breathing exercise and meditation.

Before user finds out that he has COVID-19, Oura app could give some indications, such as higher resting heart rate and body temperature. Although Oura doesn’t claim that its smart ring can detect COVID-19, users could suspect it, if there’s something wrong with measurement results. Oura Ring isn’t affordable for such a small device, because you need to shell out $299. If you prioritize on improving lifestyle and wellness, it is still a good investment. Oura Ring is worthwhile if it can inspire significant changes in lifestyle for better health. The ring has weeklong battery life and it looks fashionable. The companion app is easy to understand and generally user-friendly. However, you need to be aware that the daytime tracking feature is somewhat rudimentary. When taking HRV measurements during the day, it is important to sit perfectly still. Whether you want to purchase an Oura Ring or not, it depends on your personal requirement and personal budget for a health-based wearable.