​The Garmin Lily is a smartwatch for women and the company has released is a smaller model. The new case is only 34mm in diameter, making it one of the tiniest in the market. As the comparison, the Vivomove hybrid is 39mm in diameter and Apple Watch at 40mm. There are two options of 34mm Garmin Lily. The classic model has leather band and stainless-steel case. The Sport model is with silicone strap and aluminium case, which can withstand sweaty arms. The classic Garmin Lily 34mm is available for £229.99 and the Sport version is £179.99. It has 14mm strap with T-bar lugs, that are smaller than the 18mm strap for the previous Garmin Lily model. The low-resolution LCD display doesn’t have always-one feature. When it comes to features, it should match well with the Garmin Vivomove. Features include monitoring for stress, heart rate, blood oxygen and hydration. There is also a new feature for pregnant women, making the smartwatch a better solution for any women. However, there is no GPS feature for outdoor tracking.

Sports modes may include outdoor and indoor running. Dedicated tracking could work for pilates and yoga. The 34mm Garmin Lily should work well under the rain and women can swim with, because it has 5ATM water resistance. The smartwatch has touch display, but it’s monochromatic. This could make the display is somewhat lacking, especially if we compare it with models from Samsung, Fitbit and Apple, because they have colour displays. For women who need only basic functionality, monochromatic display is adequate. One advantage is the longer battery life, which is quite convenient for users. In the market, there are not many models with small diameter and the niche isn’t as competitive. For quite a few years, Garmin has released a number of smartwatch models, before Apple released its smartwatch. Garmin’s original goal was to help users navigate their surroundings better. These smartwatches are good companion devices for various activities, like swimming, cycling and running.

Garmin smartwatches could interact well with iOS and Android. The company is looking to maintain consistent experience across the whole range of devices. The Garmin Venu can be a direct response to Apple Watch. There are Venu smartwatches with square and round designs that have colour AMOLED panel. It could help users to make touchless payment and use the integrated music player. They can also use Spotify to store offline playlists. It has integrated GPS feature, as wells as sleep and step monitoring. All Garmin smartwatches include heart rate monitor. This should help to improve tracking when you are performing exercise. If you are a user of Venu smartwatch, it is possible to install additional apps through the Connect IQ Store. Although the number of apps is not as many as those in Apple App Store, it is quite convenient to be able to add extra features on the Venu smartwatch. For active individuals who enjoy spending time outdoors, they may use Garmin’s flagship smartwatch series, the Fenix.