Apple Watch SE was a rather new strategy for Apple, because it is a low-cost alternative for people who consider the Apple Watch 6 a bit too costly. It is the same concept Apple used for iPhone SE (2020) and the Apple Watch SE saw a decent success. It’s still among the most popular smartwatch today and many people are already waiting for its successor, the Apple Watch SE 2. Fortunately, Apple hasn’t confirmed that it will release a new Apple Watch SE version. However, considering the success of the original, it is sensible to expect for this new smartwatch version. The Apple released the Watch SE on September 15, 2020. So, there’s a slight chance that the Watch SE 2 will be available in September 2021. It could arrive alongside the Apple Watch 7 and iPhone 13.

The original Apple Watch SE is available in the market, starting from AU$429/£260/$279. When Apple releases the Watch SE 2, it is possible that the starting price will be quite similar. Tim Cook stated on the Outside podcast even that there will be a ton of innovation for future Apple Watch, which may include the Apple Watch SE 2. Despite its success in the market, there are still some rooms for improvement in the design of the original Apple Watch SE. It doesn’t have the always-on display, unlike the Apple Watch 6. Although Apple may decide to save these features for the more premium smartwatch, it will be a good thing if this feature makes its way to the Apple Watch SE 2. The always-on display would help users to be more productive and stay informed.

It would be a good thing if the Apple Watch SE 2 has better battery life. The battery life of Apple Watch SE lasts for one day and a half, which is better than many Apple Watch models. However, it still can’t match other competing wearables in the market. If you want to track sleep quality, you need to remove the Apple Watch SE, because your need to charge it the next day. Ideally, the Apple Watch SE should last for three days or more. A cheaper price would make the Apple Watch SE 2 even more appealing. Despite being an affordable device, the Apple Watch SE is still not at the bottom of the price range. That’s the reason why Apple is still selling the Watch 3 to appeal to budget-oriented users. Any Apple fan would agree that it would be better if Apple Watch SE 2 will be at the bottom of the price range.

For younger users, it would be a good thing if there are more colour options. If you buy Apple Watch SE today, there are three colour options, space grey, silver and gold. The Apple Watch SE 2 would be more interesting if there are new colours like red, yellow and blue.  Apple Watch SE also lacks the blood oxygen sensor, which is useful for fitness and exercise tracking. With proper software implementations, it could also indicate possible coronavirus transmission.