If you are a health-conscious user, it is highly recommended to choose the right devices for your requirements and perhaps, specific health conditions. The Withings ScanWatch can be just the device for you. It comes with an array of sensors that inform you better about health conditions. It has oximeter with SpO2, heart rate tracking and ECG. With a combination of these sensors, there are numerous of health indicators that you can detect. During the current coronavirus outbreak, oxygen saturation level could detect the possible COVID-19 infection. Withings is a popular brand in the health industry, due to innovations, such as measuring arterial stiffness using connected scale, sleep mat that detects sleep apnoea and now, a hybrid smartwatch that offers a complete array of health sensors. Withings employed sleep experts and cardiologists during the development stage of ScanWatch, giving it the ability to measure overnight breathing issues, atrial fibrillation and heart arrythmias. This makes the ScanWatch the most advanced health-oriented wearable on the market today.

Apple Watch also has various medical features, such as ECG monitor. However, Apple’s smartwatch models are definitely more expensive and it works only with iOS and macOS platforms. For people with health requirements, Apple Watch may have numerous features that they don’t need. As a medical device, there are regulatory hurdles that Withings must resolve first. At the moment, ScanWatch is only available in European countries and it’s pending for approval for release in the United States. For more accurate measurement, there are three ECG electrodes at the bottom side of the ScanWatch, two primary electrodes and the case is the third electrode. To perform ECG measurement, you need to enable the function and place your other hand over the watch for about 30 seconds. This will close the circuit and a summary will appear on the display.

ScanWatch has its own proprietary software, but it could connect with iOS and Android devices. After installing Health Mate app on your smartphone, you can get support for more than 100 services, including Google Fit and Apple. This allows two-way synchronization and your data will remain consistent on any platform. Integration should work quite seamlessly on Android smartphones and iPhones. One drawback of owning ScanWatch is that the device is not easy to repair by users, because it has many very small electronic modules. It comes with a proprietary charging solution, so you can’t use the standard USB-C or micro-USB cable. If you need a replacement or spare cable, you need to get it from Withings. If the strap wears out or get damaged, it’s easy to replace. In the end, Withings ScanWatch is not a direct competitor to Apple Watch and Wear OS smartwatches. If you are looking for a health-focused wearable, the Withings SmartScan is great choice for you. Visually, the ScanWatch already looks nice with its casual and smart design. As long as you continue wearing it, the smartwatch could keep tabs on the overall wellbeing, fitness and health.