The ThinkReality A3 lightweight smart glasses are one of the most prominent Lenovo’s products in CES (Consumer Electronics Shows) 2021. It will be among the most versatile and advanced smart glasses in the market. The company promises that the smart glass will deliver digital solutions for consumers and bring more useful technology to the masses. As the whole world is still transitioning to the new normal, businesses are looking for ways to lower downtimes, increase efficiency and ensure better collaboration. The ThinkReality A3 smart glasses is an ideal solution for business-level implementations. Through AR (Augmented Reality) and 3D visualization, immersive training and assisted workflows can be assured. This wearable can be tethered to Motorola smartphones or personal computers through USB-C cable. This makes the ThinkReality A3 highly compatible, convenient, portable and versatile. This wearable works and fits just like normal sunglasses. It comes with industrial frame for more durable and safer uses. The integrated Qualcomm Snapdragon XR1 platform supports stereoscopic 1080p and high performance. The platform supports five virtual displays at once.

There’s an integrated 8MP RGB camera that can record 1080p videos and for room-scale tracking, there are dual fish-eye cameras. The ThinkReality A3 could work well with any mobile workstation, such as laptop for improved versatility for training and production processes. Virtual monitors should be able to create more immersive experiences, privacy and productivity among professionals, especially in the engineering, architecture and financial sectors. These glasses are optimized for Lenovo’s ThinkPad laptops powered by AMD Ryzen and Intel CPUs. In laboratories, factory floors, hospitality floors and busy retail environment, users can deploy turnkey applications to get 3D visualization, guided workflows and remote assistance. The lightweight design should reduce error rates and increase the overall productivity. In the increasingly cloud-agnostic environment, it is important to have a compatible solution that works on all platforms. Enterprises could create generic AR content that can be accessed with any wearable glasses, including the ThinkReality A3. The head-mounted display, removable battery, 1080p capture resolution, expandable memory and various sensor arrays should ensure impressive usability.

The company’s website specifies that the ThinkReality A3 is an ultra-slim design with two micro-LED projectors for improved stereoscopic performance. Users can easily get contextual information through the generated crisp videos. The micro-LED technology ensures high efficiency and high pixel density representations. This makes the ThinkReality A3 an excellent AR solution for enterprise uses. Unfortunately, unlike some of the competing AR wearables, Lenovo’s new smart glasses don’t include Bluetooth connectivity. However, the wired solution is more ideal for higher reliability and fast data rate. When tethered to a Motorola smartphone, the ThinkReality A3 smart glasses still ensure excellent portability and flexibility. Users can put the smartphone in their front pocket and have both hands free to ensure improved productivity. We could expect that technologies in ThinkReality A3 will be deployed for future consumer-level AR wearables as well, because it’s a fast-growing sector in the digital industry. More and more manufacturers will release new smart glasses as AR become an important part in our society.