Smartwatches are convenient, because they allow you to get notifications, listen to music or make phone calls. Because smartwatches don’t have regular ports, it is more convenient to use wireless headphones that can be paired easily. If you are looking for a brand-new wireless headphone, here are a few things to consider:

Audio quality

Earlier Bluetooth wireless headphones had poor audio quality, due to slow data rate of initial Bluetooth versions. However, it changes with the adoption of Bluetooth 4.1 in the end of 2013. So, it is important to choose a wireless headphone with the latest Bluetooth version. Current wireless headphones also include aptX audio coding feature to ensure sound quality that’s virtually indistinguishable compared to wired headphones. Music could have the punch and impact to ensure better experience.


When choosing a wireless headphone, you need make sure that it’s a perfect fit, especially if you plan to wear it while doing high-impact activities. If the headphone is perfectly comfortable, it will be convenient for a longer exercise session. Headphones from reputable companies usually have good ergonomic designs. Some headphones come with multiple ear tips with different sizes that match your physical condition. So, it is probably better to purchase the headphone at a local store, so you can try it on your own.


It may not be a good thing if your headphone is showing signs of wear and tear after a couple months of usage. When you are exercising, sweat could degrade earbuds or damage the internal electronics. Make sure to choose headphone products that include excellent sweat resistance. This should ensure that the headphone could work well in any strenuous condition. Moisture and sweat shouldn’t enter into the delicate interior of the headphone. Wireless headphones should comply with IPX ratings. Choose headphone with at least IPX5 rating that can withstand the spraying of 12.5 litres water for about 3 minutes. Some headphones have IPX7 rating, which allow them to survive a complete submersion in one metre of water, however, IPX7 still doesn’t guarantee waterproof design. Headphones with IPX8 has the best protective standard and they are often the most premium models in the market. If you have purchased a $150 wireless headphone, you don’t want it to get damaged by sweat, rain or moisture. Headphones with IPX5 rating or higher should be resistant to standard sweat exposure. If wireless headphones could resist water splashes and rainwater, so they should be able to withstand sweat easily.


With proper control, it should be easy to directly manage music playback from the smartwatch. There should be the ability to resume music playback, pause, fast forward, change volume and skip tracks. Some headphones have other features like active noise cancellation and bass enhancement. Controls must be clearly identifiable and easily accessible. With tactile feedback, you can avoid pressing buttons mistakenly, especially during an outdoor exercise session. For gym and running, you may need to choose headphones with large control buttons for easier operation.