Smartwatches are not only for telling the time or using various functional applications. They have also become a part of our fashion statement, with stylish and sleek designs. When it comes to designing the most stylish smartwatches, manufacturers have tried hard to give their best results. Here are some of the most stylishly inventive and unique smartwatches in 2020:

Pixel Smartwatch

Among major smartwatch brands, Google’s Pixel Smartwatch has an excellent aesthetics with the beautiful round format and well-chosen colours. The Wear OS logo is a prominent part of the display and the interface makes it a colourful smartwatch to choose. It comes with Google’s AI voice assistant to allow users obtain information, set schedules, use apps and control smart devices at home. Google’s recent acquisition of Fitbit should positively impact future Pixel Smartwatch models.


Esiva doesn’t look like any ordinary smartwatch, but it’s still functional for tracking fitness performance, telling the time and checking notifications. The Esiva smartwatch has all-metal design and slim display. Although it has a minimalistic interface, users can interact with it properly. Crowns on the rim allow users do various tasks, like activating Voice AI feature. Just like other smartwatch models, Esiva smartwatch could deliver information in a concise and crisp manner. Instead of swiping the pages, you need to scroll them.

Sony Wena

Wena is a sophisticated band with OLED screen, which allows users to tell the time and check the notification. One interesting thing about this band, it still maintains analogue appearance, combined with the state-of-the-art digital technological implementations. The display of Wena could pull notifications directly from the smartphone and it allows users to perform touchless payments. For people who want to transition from analogue watch, the Sony Wena won’t feel radically different.


Voixatch was first demonstrated at the MWC 2020 and it comes with integrated Bluetooth headset. This smartwatch shows that the device and earphones must be paired properly. Both can work as a tight ecosystem that improves the overall experience. Voixatch includes SIM card slot, GPS, 4G LTE support, gyroscope, heartbeat sensor and Google voice assistant. An innovative part of the designs, is a detachable ring inside the bezel that could become Bluetooth headset.


Nubia is a smartwatch with plus-sized display, its 4-inch display is quite large for smartwatch that wraps around the wrist. By far, the Nubia is a smartwatch model with the largest display and it has an eye-catching display. It comes with various regular smartwatch features, including fitness tracker, sports mode, heart-rate tracker, accept/reject phone calls and voice assistant.

Dot Watch Braille

It’s a smartwatch for visually impaired users and it helps users to tell time with tactile clues and not the usual visual ones. It’s a light smartwatch at just 33 grams and inside, there’s a Li-Po 400mAh battery. For disabled individuals, it should be very easy to tell time. It could integrate well with Android and iOS. The Dot Watch Braille is a perfect combination of style, functionality and physical form.