virtual reality

Latest consoles, including Sony PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X offer amazing graphics, but they can never achieve the immersive experience of virtual reality. With VR, you will virtually enter a new world and you can further enhance the experience by getting these accessories:

Charging VR Stand

Virtual Reality

Charging VR stand will not only keep your wearable safe, but it also has charging feature, so it will be ready to use for the next gaming session. The stand will add visual flare to your interior. Choose a stand that makes it easy to grab the wearable, without causing any scratching. There’s a USB port to charge the headset and it often has LED light that can switch to different RGB colours. You can choose only one colour or let the stand cycles between available colours. Your stand should be future-proofed, so it may support future-generation headsets as well.

Adjustable head strap

Virtual Reality

VR wearables come with adjustable head strap, but it doesn’t always fit, if your head is small or big. You can choose adjustable head strap with different sizes. On the back, you can adjust it in different ways, such as twisting the small knob. If the strap is tight and comfortable enough, jitters can be reduced when your head moves. It is easy to keep your sight in focus and you can get clearer picture. If you are planning to have longer VR sessions, this accessory is a must have.

High quality earbuds

Virtual Reality

These earbuds should make your VR experience even more immersive, because sounds and noises feel more realistic. It is important to choose earbuds that have bass-driven sound. They may also come with multiple pairs of ear tips with different sizes, so you can choose the one that fits your ears better. For more premium looks and feels, you may choose earbuds made of aluminium, instead of plastic. The cable should have volume controls as well, so you can make proper adjustments.

Carrying case

A compelling feature of virtual reality wearables is their portability. You can connect it with a powerful gaming laptop and have fun during a trip. However, it means that you should keep the wearable pristine. The case should also hold the charging cable, power adapter and controllers. Choose a case with hard-shell surface to protect against bumps and falls. The inner part of the case should mould nicely with all the components. You will be able to carry the whole VR headset around as needed.

Multi-port power adapter

VR wearables are bundled with power adapter, but you should consider having a spare. It is recommended to choose a smaller adapter that fits easily into your pocket. Some adapters have multiple ports, so you can charge the controllers as well. During a trip, this adapter can be one of the most versatile accessories you can have.

USB-C cable

USB-C cable has higher data throughput and it could unlock new features of your VR set. As an example, by connecting Quest 2 with USB-C cable to the computer, you can use it to play VR games for high-end wearables. Basically, it turns your budget VR wearables into more capable devices.