Fossil Gen 5 LTE

Fossil has introduced a brand-new smartwatch model with LTE capability. The Fossil Gen 5 LTE uses Google’s Wear OS platform and it should perform similarly to the brand’s previous models. Retailed at $349, this smartwatch is relatively affordable for customers in many countries. The Qualcomm Snapdragon 3100 chipset is decent hardware for typical smartwatch-related tasks. There’s also built-in speaker, so users can get notifications more easily. Smart battery modes could help to improve operational time on a single charge. The 8GB of internal storage is decent for smartwatch, but a part of it is already occupied by Wear OS and built-in apps. However, there should still be enough room to install more apps and store various personal files.

Its 1GB of RAM should be adequate for typical multitasking operations and some apps can be opened at once. The heart rate sensor could help track cardiovascular performance during rest state or when doing physical exercises. The integrated NFC payments are available in select countries and should help you to do contactless transactions. Wireless syncing allows you to transfer data with paired smartphones and cloud services. The rapid magnetic charging could fill the 310mAh battery to 80 percent in 50 minutes. The microphone allows you to record voices and interact with voice assistant. Audible alerts can remind about current schedules. The water-resistant design allows you to bring the smartwatch under the rain and it could survive brief dunking in the sink.

There are also gyroscope and accelerometer to allow the smartwatch to sense proper orientation. Watch faces are customizable and pre-installed apps include Cardiogram, Noonlight and Spotify. Regardless of the decent hardware specs, it is a bit disappointing that the Fossil Gen 5 LTE doesn’t use the newer and faster Snapdragon 4100. The new TicWatch Pro 3 already uses Qualcomm’s newest smartwatch chipset from Qualcomm. Wear OS smartwatches generally have shorter battery life and if you want to extend the operational time, you can choose any of the battery pre-sets. It is possible to enable or disable different functions depending on your requirements. There are two colour options to choose, including rose gold and black.


However, there’s one size available, the 45mm case. There’s eSIM that allows you to assign dedicated phone number and LTE data plan for your smartwatch. It means, you can still use the smartwatch optimally, although there’s no paired smartphone that provides Internet connection tethering. If you want to save your data allowance, the Wi-Fi support allows you to connect with available Wi-Fi in the area. If you prefer a more classic option, Fossil’s Skagen brand also has a new hybrid wristwatch with barebone software platform. The Skagen Jorn Hybrid HR is cheaper at $195 and it works primarily as normal watch with more limited digital functions. However, it can still count steps, show notifications and measure heart rate. Due to the less demanding software, the Jorn Hybrid HR could last for two weeks on a single charge. Another Fossi’s brand, Michael Kors, offers two additional new watches the Gen 5E MKGO and Gen 5E Darci.