If you have just bought a brand-new Samsung Galaxy smartwatch, it is important to figure out how to use it optimally. Samsung smartwatches are highly functional with many useful features. Here are things you should do:

Shake your wrist to mute calls

It can be embarrassing to have your smartphone ringing when you are in an important meeting with clients. But with a paired Samsung smartwatch, you can quickly mute those unwanted calls. Just shake your wrist and then the call would be muted. This also works when you want to mute alarms.

Send SOS requests

When you have an emergency situation and don’t have time to use smartphone, the smartwatch can quickly send SOS requests.  Setting up Send SOS requests is easy. Open your paired smartphone and tap the Galaxy Wearable app. Go to SOS and tap the switch near SoSes. Agree to the Terms and Conditions and add one or more emergency contacts. You can select from available contacts or create new contacts. If you want to send emergency SOS requests, tap the Home key on your Galaxy smartwatch three times quickly.

Set up Samsung Pay

In the midst of COVID-19 outbreak, contactless payment isn’t only convenient, but also safe. When you are in public spaces, it is important to limit contact with any surface, including POS terminals at restaurants or grocery stores. It is as simple as adding credit cards, debit cards and other methods for payment to Samsung Pay. For this feature to work, you need to have a paired smartphone and open the Samsung Pay app on it. Tap Pay and choose the preferred method of payment. Type in required security information like IRIS or PIN. For better security, you should also set up fingerprint security. With the smartphone still in your pocket or bag, hold the smartwatch on the terminal to complete the payment.

Respond to messages quickly

If you don’t to use the smartphone, it is possible to respond quickly with Galaxy smartwatches. If you want to customize the Quick Response, swipe the notification panel to the right. View the message by tapping on it. Swipe up and down to choose a response and choose Quick Response. Send it by tapping the arrow. You can also configure Quick Responses on your smartphone by opening the Galaxy Wearable app. Enter the response by tapping the plus icon and tap Save.

Reorder apps

Because Galaxy smartwatches have very small display, they can get cluttered very easily. If your apps are properly organized, it is easy to navigate the interface and find an app you need. Reordering apps on your smartwatch is easy to do. On the paired smartphone, tap the Galaxy Wearable app and open the Home tab. Choose “Reorder” in “Swipe to and tap Apps”. If you want to customize app, you can tap and hold any app and drag it to the new location. Tap Save when you have finished rearranging the apps. It is recommended to put most often used apps on the top.