Huawei GT 2 Pro

Despite ongoing bans, Huawei remains a major manufacturer of consumer-level devices and it has also released a number of smartwatch models. If you are looking for a brand-new smartwatch, you may consider getting a Huawei model for the following reasons.

Good design


Huawei is known for its good-looking smartphones and their wearables look nice as well. As an example, the Huawei Watch GT2 Pro looks stunning and elegant, while being elegant to wear. Other models, like Watch GT 2 and Watch GT 2e also have decent designs, regardless of their lower price points. They have traditional aesthetics with side-mounted buttons, proper straps and circular display. Despite their rich digital capabilities, people will think that these smartwatches are classic analogue timepieces.

Long battery life


Huawei smartwatches have excellent battery life and it’s a feature where these models really shine.  Huawei Watch GT 2 and GT 2e offer 14 days of battery life, while GT 2 Pro has 10 days of battery life on a single charge. As comparison, Apple Watch Series 6 offers only 18 hours of battery life, Oppo Watch has 24 hours of battery life and Samsung Galaxy Watch 2 with 48 hours of battery life. For smartwatch users, battery life is important, especially if they spend more time outdoors.

Reliable fitness tracking


For highly active users, Huawei smartwatches are good options. They have integrated tracking feature for various activities, including golfing, swimming, walking and running. They also have other features like spO2 sensor, breath tracking, stress measurement, sleep monitoring and heart rate monitoring. It means, Huawei smartwatches should cover all the necessities of a personal tracking device. Once you wear them, these smartwatches should automatically track your progress and put them inside records. If you want to configure health and fitness settings, you can click the side button and you will get all the options.

Support for Android and iOS devices


All Huawei smartwatches include supports for Android and iOS devices. Pairing these wearables with smartphones and tablets is very easy. After a successful pairing. You can integrate with available apps like WhatsApp and text messages. However, Huawei smartwatches don’t run on Apple’s Watch OS or Google’s Wear OS. It means, integration with iOS and Android won’t be as deep. Huawei smartwatches have lightweight operating system that’s as demanding as the competing solutions. It would mean that these smartwatches could last longer on a single charge.

Reliable notifications


Huawei smartwatches are great for showing notifications and screening phone calls. With the Huawei Health app, you can configure notifications for the paired smartphone. So, when you get messages from Skype or WhatsApp, you will get notifications on the Huawei smartwatch. In addition, you can make calls on a Huawei smartwatch. Fortunately, the speaker is loud and clear.

Huawei Health

When using a Huawei smartwatch, the Health app is definitely the most useful. It is where you can find tracking of health and fitness data. It also allows you to customize notifications, set new faces, set downloads and configure various settings. With its ability to pull in a wealth data, Huawei Health is arguably better than Google Fit.