Galaxy Watch

Just got a brand-new Samsung Galaxy Watch? There are a few tips and tricks to get the most out of it. All you need to do is to explore some settings and feature configurations.

Set up emergency contacts

Samsung Galaxy Watch can be helpful during an emergency situation. However, the SOS feature is disabled by default. When something goes wrong, this feature may save your life. Go to the wearable app and choose “Send SOS requests”. Enable it and set up “Count down before sending”. Specify contacts that will get your notifications during an emergency situation. You can set 5-second countdown before automatically alerting family members and friends about your situation.

Enable “Good Night Mode”

Sometimes, smartwatches can be intrusive and you don’t want to be bothered, especially while you are sleeping. You can keep Galaxy Watch quiet at night by enabling the “Good Night Mode” feature. It is important to sleep well at night to keep yourself healthy and productive. Swipe down the interface, choose the Quick Settings panel and enable the Good Night mode.

Keep your smartwatch totally quiet

Sometimes, you want the smartwatch to get completely quiet, like during a meeting or when in a movie theater. In this case, you should enable the Theater mode. Open Wearable app, go to Quick Settings and enable the Theater mode. This means touch wake-up, lift to wake up, AOD and notifications will be disabled.

Simplify things

Samsung Galaxy smartwatches are full of useful features and sensors. However, keeping them enabled for a long time could degrade battery life. In fact, it is likely that you don’t actually use many of these features. In this case, you should consider disabling specific features. Go to Settings> Battery> Watch Only. This will set your smartwatch to function only as a watch and other features are enabled. Hold down the power button for a few seconds to restore the complete functionality of your watch. Your Galaxy smartwatch will last much longer, especially during your outdoor trip, such as camping or hiking, where you can’t easily find wall socket.

Organize apps

In many ways, your brand-new Samsung Galaxy Watch is similar to a Galaxy smartphone. It is also recommended to organize apps properly. It would be helpful if you put apps properly where they should be. Go to Apps> Menu> Reorder> App order and choose Custom. Choose an order that best matches your preferences.

Organize widgets

Widgets could also clutter your Samsung Galaxy Watch and it’s important to organize them. Go to Settings> Advanced> Edit Quick Settings. From here, you can easily configure the way widgets are ordered. While you are here, you can choose metric or imperial measurement units, depending on your country.

Download songs

Samsung Galaxy Watch can also play your favourite song and with 8GB internal storage, there’s more than enough room to store a few dozen songs. Downloading songs in your Galaxy Watch is easy to do. Tap the Galaxy Wearable icon and choose “add content to your watch”. This allows you to enable auto-sync or insert songs manually to your smartwatch,