Apple Watch

If you get a brand-new Apple Watch for Christmas, there are things to configure and optimize. The features of Apple Watch could overwhelm brand-new users. Sometimes, it can be frustrating that Siri keeps on talking randomly. With some changes, you can eliminate annoyances when using the Apple Watch. Here are things to do to make your experience with Apple Watch more enjoyable and smoother:

Stop automatic installation of apps

Each time you install an iPhone app, the Apple Watch will install the watchOS version of the app. You may have 512GB of storage on your iPhone, but your Apple Watch has far less free storage. In addition, the small interface of the smartwatch can be cluttered up rather quickly. Tap settings, choose General and disable the Automatic App Install option. Alternatively, you can also disable this feature on the iPhone. If you want to install a recommended app later, tap the Watch app and sroll to the bottom to find recommended apps that you can install.

Disable the Breathe reminder

This is a rather comical feature in Apple Watch, because breathing is an involuntary act. The purpose of this app is to control the rate of respiration during stressful times, so you can clear your mind. It may sound helpful, but can be intrusive when you are rather busy. Tap the Watch app and scroll down until you find Breathe. Tap it and disable notifications.

Make apps easier to find

If you are used to using large-screened iPad and iPhone, Apple Watch has much smaller display that makes it harder to find apps. To make it easier to find your apps, you need to sort them in an alphabetical order. Also, you can go to Settings, choose App View and look for List View. Press the digital crown to get a list of usable apps.

apple watch

Adjust activity goals

With the new watchOS 7, it is now possible to modify your time goals for physical exercises. Previously, you can only set calories goal in watchOS 6. So, if there are time constraints when doing physical exercises, it is better to choose time-based goals. The default setting is to exercise 30 minutes a day and stand up 12 hours a day. You may alter this setting depending on your daily routine and activities. It will be more flexible to hit specific physical targets without being reminded all the time by Apple. To do this, tap the Activity app, choose Edit Goals and make necessary adjustments.

Avoid random screenshots

Apple Watch takes a screenshot when you press the side button and the digital crown simultaneously. Because it’s a simple thing to do, you may accidentally take screenshots more than a few times. This will fill up the storage with random screenshots of the interface. If you don’t plan to use this feature anytime soon, it is better to disable it completely. Tap Settings, choose General and tap Enable Screenshot. This should disable the screenshot functionality and your camera roll won’t be cluttered by random images.