The Apple Watch is no doubt a really great product and a lot of people know this. With 7.6 million of the smartwatches shipped worldwide in the first quarter of 2020 alone, the sales are still strong up to this point. Yes, the watch is great, but it wouldn’t be much without apps.

When we think about Apple watch apps these are the ones that are top of our list and perhaps should have been shipped pre-installed.


First on the list is one that really doesn’t need an introduction. Spotify is one of the most popular music streaming services. You can now stream music and podcasts directly from your new Apple watch without the need for your iPhone to be close by. This is perfect if you are into fitness and want to listen to music but don’t want to take your phone out for a run.

Just as long as you are signed up to Spotify Premium service for $12.99, you can stream until your heart’s content.

Spotify (free, but in-app purchases available)


Citymapper has won a number of App of the year awards and rightly so. If you regularly travel on the bus or train then Citymapper is perfect for your new Apple Watch app to help you plan your trip, give you alerts and updated bus and train times. With a simple glance at your watch, you can see everything that’s important to reach your destination on time. You will even be told at which point to get off.

Citymapper is available in a large number of cities where the demand is needed.

Citymapper (free, but in-app purchases available)

Phone Buddy – Phone Lost Alert

No one ever wants to lose their phone. So having an app that alerts you as soon as you’re not within a few feet of your device is a must-have. Phone Buddy works by alerting the user when the Bluetooth connection between the watch and the iPhone has been lost. You can configure a number of settings and even set a distance alert; as soon as you walk certain feet from your iPhone you will be alerted immediately that you left it behind. You can also send a ping from your iPhone to find your watch if you misplaced it.

If you’re the kind of person who is likely to miss place your phone or watch then the app is perfect. The app has a useful map so you can visually see where you are and the location of your iPhone.

Phone Buddy – Phone Lost Alert (£4.99)


The ultimate password manager, 1Password offers top-notch security and can show you password, bank details and notes by glancing at your wrist. You can save passwords for any amount of services, websites, ATM pins, ID numbers and loads more. And with complete peace of mind that they will all be safe. You can also unlock 1Password with your new Apple watch on Mac runnings macOS Big Sur.

1Password offers a 30 day free trial but then it’s £3 per month after that.

1Password (free, but in-app purchases available)

LCD Games: Alien Invasion

It’s a must that a game had to be included in our list. Even though the screen size of the Apple watch makes it difficult to play games, LCD Games: Alien Invasion is one of the exceptions and is a joy to play.

The game is easy to play on your watch. Simply turn the digital crown left to right to catch the aliens. Every miss means the game is over.

LCD Games: Alien Invasion (£2.99)