Many people purchase smartwatches not only to get a personal tracking device. Smartwatches could also work as music player. Whether you sync it with the smartphone, stream music from the Internet or play music locally, you need to choose the right smartwatch. In the market, smartwatches are available in various platforms and designs.

Apple Watch

Apple Watches are the leaders in the smartwatch market. They also give you the option to listen to music, audiobook and other audio content. Apple Music is an obvious app when playing music on the devices. You can stream music through Bluetooth earphones. The music could come from the paired iPhone or directly from the Apple Watch itself. There’s also dedicated Spotify app that you can install on the Apple Watch. Just like the Apple Music, you can also listen to songs with the Bluetooth earphones. From the smartwatch, you can control the iPhone to play the preferred music. Spotify should work through both Wi-Fi or cellular data networks. However, you will need a reliable data connection to ensure proper audio streaming. Alternatively, you can use the YouTube app for Apple Watch.

Google Wear OS

Unfortunately, Google Play Music has been discontinued, but you can control YouTube Music with the Wear OS. You have the ability to play, skip and pause music. However, there’s no dedicated app for Wear OS and there’s no playlist syncing. Whenever your Android smartphone is playing a song, the Gear OS will show a pop-up notification. In this case, there’s little that you can do, except to start playing music or stop playback. This means, the Android smartphone should always be near you if you want to play the music. A good app to use for your Wear OS is the Spotify app. You can have the ability to add any song from your wrist to the library. Another alternative is NavMusic, but it’s a paid service. It allows the smartwatch to play music without smartphone pairing.


All Fitbit smartwatches, except the Versa Lite, provide control for music as you play it on the paired smartphone. It supports any app in the smartphone. The Fitbit works quite well with cloud services and with the Fitbit Connect app. For Fitbit smartwatches, there’s also dedicated Spotify app, but it only controls playback on paired device. It doesn’t have the ability to control playlist syncing.


With Samsung’s smartwatches, you can use the Music app. It allows controls of music playback on the smartwatch and the paired smartphone. It also allows offline music playback if you have music stored inside the smartwatch. It could also sync with the music stored inside the smartphone, without the need for Internet access. There’s also dedicated Spotify app for Samsung’s smartwatches. When connected to the Spotify Premium, it is not necessary to have a paired smartphone nearby. This is a capability that’s not available on Wear OS smartphones and Apple Watch. This makes Samsung’s smartwatches an interesting option if you are subscribed to Spotify Premium.