Amazfit GTR 2

Amazfit GTR 2 is a budget smartwatch that keeps things simple. Amazfit is one of Xiaomi’s brands and it offers us many affordable models. The Sports Edition of GTR 2 is available for $180, while the Classic Edition is $200. For the former, you get a couple of assistants, an offline assistant and Amazon Alexa. There are also integrated GPS, 3GB of internal storage, heart rate monitoring, touchscreen colour display, stress tracking, Bluetooth calls and two weeks of battery life. It is quite interesting for an affordable device; we could get the SpO2 feature that’s typically available on more expensive smartwatch models. The Classic Edition is mostly the same, except for the nicer leather strap and stainless-steel casing. This makes the Classic Edition looks better.  

You may find that the 1.39-inch display feels sleek and attractive. The Sports Edition has silicone straps and black ceramic bezel that feel adequate. It is also quite helpful that the GTR 2 has slimmer design. You may also appreciate the analogue design of this newer smartwatch. You should love using the display, because notifications are quite easy to read and the interface looks crisp. For people with less than ideal eyesight, the interface of GTR 2 should be easier to use. Swipes on the display should register nicely and colours are beautiful. There are no noticeable lags. For people who are busy at the workplace, the stress-tracking feature should be quite helpful. This feature scans your heart rate to determine whether you are relaxed, at normal state or stressed out.

One big addition of the GTR 2 compared to its predecessor is the Amazon Alexa. It means, the GTR 2 should be worth considering if you regularly use Alexa as the preferred voice assistant. Fitbit smartwatch series also use Alexa for the voice assistant. However, there’s also an offline assistant that can help you if the smartwatch doesn’t have Internet access. However, it’s limited to only certain commands, like starting a workout or setting alarms. Nevertheless, because the offline assistant covers most of the basic commands, they are quite useful for daily tasks. Obviously, you can’t get more detailed information that requires Internet access. If you want to get weather information, make sure that there’s a Wi-Fi access.

If you want a fitness companion, you may find the Amazfit GTR 2 a decent smartwatch to choose. When you are running, it is fairly easy to read on the big display. The tracked distance is quite accurate. When you are enabling the GPS feature, it could be a bit laggy, but that’s quite common among smartwatches. Compared to other smartwatches, distance measurement can be slightly different, but the GTR 2 should still be in the ballpark. It seems that the heart rate measurement is more accurate with less than 5 bpm differences. Basically, you get decent features for the price if you choose Amazfit GTR 2. This smartwatch is missing the NFC feature, but that’s still an acceptable compromise for the price.