Smartwatches are highly versatile, but we mostly use them only for track the time, get notifications and monitor health details. There are many things that you can do with the smartwatch. Smartwatches are highly mobile and they are always on you. Just like smartphone, your smartwatch is also connected to the Internet. Granted, smartwatches have small screen and you may need to squint when checking emails. The low-power hardware means that you shouldn’t expect much about its performance. However, here are things that you can do with a smartwatch.

Find your smartphone and car

Often, we spend too much time finding our smartphone and keys. With your smartwatch, you can manually make your smartphone ring. Some car makers release apps for smartphones and smartwatches that can help you to locate your car in a large parking lot.


There are compass apps that can help you to find North quickly. These apps work well with navigation service, so you can locate the nearest coffee shop or gas station. With the built-in GPS feature, things should be much easier.

Play music

Not many people bother listening to music with their smartwatch. Many smartwatches have tiny speakers and listening to music with them may not be the best experience. However, some models have decent speakers and you may consider listening to music with them. If you have a waterproofed smartwatch, you can listen to music while taking shower and you may wear some models while swimming. By just shaking your wrist, you could skip a song in the playlist.

Use gesture control

With smartwatch, you could use to control your smart home. Because it’s always strapped on your wrist, you can use the gesture control to control fans, lights, curtains, air conditioning, smart TV and others. This ability depends on the app for your smart home system.

Use verbal commands

Smartwatches have very small screen, so it’s more convenient to control them using verbal commands. Many smartwatch models make it easy to use verbal commands to dictate instant messages, emails and text messages. Check your smartwatch to properly use this feature.

Track family members

GPS is the standard feature of smartwatch, so it’s easy to track the whereabouts of family members. It means you can keep your children safe while they are at school. When children venture outside the school grounds, parents will know that immediately. There are low-cost smartwatches that your children can wear. It’s a great investment to keep your children safe. For older people who have dementia or Alzheimer’s disease, the tracking feature is also very useful. Sometimes, older people walk outside, and they wander aimlessly in the neighbourhood. Family members and caregivers could easily locate elderly people to avoid unnecessary incidents. The smartwatch could also become a reminder to let caregivers know when elderly should take their daily medications. If there’s an emergency, the smartwatch could automatically dial emergency services. Children can talk through their smartwatches during emergency situations.