galaxy watch 3

Unwrapping your new smartwatch is definitely an amazing experience. There are many things to explore with this device and if you want to take full advantage of it, you need to properly configure it. Whether you are a seasoned user of Android smartwatch or the first-time user of Wear OS, here are things to do:

Customize the face

The face of your smartwatch is important, because it’s the main interface. You will interact with it on the daily basis. You can be creative with it and choose the watch face that you prefer. There are things that you can change, based on personal preferences. On an Android smartwatches, hold down your finger on the main screen. Your smartwatch will vibrate and there should be an option to change the watch face. You can also download watch face, if stock faces don’t really match your preferences.

Connect to Wi-Fi

Smart mobile devices are effectively useless without Internet connections. You need to connect the smartwatch with both home and work Wi-Fi connections. You also need to connect the smartwatch with your smartphone, because you will need to tether the data connection. Go to the connectivity option and choose Wi-Fi. Tap on the detected Wi-Fi network and type in the password. Set automatic connection, so your smartwatch immediately connect with the Wi-Fi network, once you are in the coverage area.

Download essential apps and pin them

As smart devices, your smartwatch should also apps that you prefer to use. Manufacturers already take the liberty of pre-installing some apps. However, you may need other apps in daily activities. For better compatibility, go to the manufacturer’s app store and choose apps that you need. If installing and pinning apps are difficult to do on your smartwatch, due to the small screen size, you may need to do it on the paired smartphone.

Configure the keyboard

Often, you need to type in quick replies on your smartwatch, because you don’t have time to open the smartphone. For some users, the default keyboard isn’t exactly appropriate for typing replies and doing other tasks. For better experience, you may need to choose the simplest keyboard for your smartwatch.

Personalise buttons

Many Android smartwatch models have a single button the side. Others hand a primary side button and a few other buttons. You may personalise these buttons to quickly launch your most-often used apps. Go to the personalisation settings and choose to customise some buttons. As an example, you can use the buttons to quickly access music app or Google Pay service.

Manage notifications

It’s probably one of the most convenient things of wearing a smartwatch. You will instantly get notifications for text message, email and social media updates. Make sure that you pair the smartwatch with your phone, if you want to take advantage of this feature. You may need to realize that receiving too many notifications can significantly impair the battery life of your smartwatch. It is important to manage notifications and accept only that you need. As an example, you may want to get notifications from work emails, but disable any social media notification.