galaxy watch 3

If you are using Samsung Galaxy Watch 3, it is important to fully take advantage of its many features. People prefer to use Samsung Galaxy Watch 3, because it looks just like regular watch. However, there are concerns that it would be tricky to pair the smartwatch with latest iPhone models. Fortunately, it is possible to pair the Galaxy Watch 3 with iPhone 12. The good thing is, you can do this fairly easily. The Galaxy Watch 3 could connect with iOS 9 or newer. It also means that this smartwatch could work with iPhone 5 or newer. However, we have reports about stability issues when running iOS 10 with iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S. So, how to connect the smartwatch with the iPhone 12?

Download Galaxy Watch app. In your iPhone 12, go to the App Store and look for the Galaxy Watch app. Enable the Bluetooth.

Open the app and choose “Pair a New Device”. Choose iPhone 12 as your phone’s model. Follow the instructions to continue connecting both devices.

If the connection process is successful, the homescreen of the app should change on the iPhone 12. This allows you to make many changes, such as modifying sounds and notifications.

Be aware that you can’t use the camera on the smartwatch, because there’s still no built-in app for that. Also, there’s no support for texting when you pair the iPhone 12 with Samsung Galaxy Watch 3. You will get notifications of new text messages on the Galaxy Watch 3. Again, there’s no way to reply the text message on iPhone 12 with your Galaxy Watch 3. Still, it should be convenient, because you can open and read the text message. Samsung’s own voice assistant, Bixby, is already available for the Galaxy Watch 3. It means, you can’t use Siri through the Galaxy Watch 3. Even so, Bixby is reliable enough to do many tasks, so using it on the Galaxy Watch 3 is quite convenient.

It is quite unfortunate that the Email app of the iPhone 12 isn’t accessible through the Galaxy Watch 3. This would be quite inconvenient for people who use emails regularly for their work. Notifications for emails should also appear on your Galaxy Watch 3. If you want to reply the email, you need to do it on your iPhone 12. This is quite understandable because the Galaxy Watch 3 has small interface, so it is quite hard to type email replies on it. Despite these limitations, many features of Galaxy Watch 3 still work on your iPhone 12. These include notifications, voice calls, sleep tracking, heart rate monitor, music, fitness tracking, PPT controller and Find My Device. Overall, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 and iPhone 12 are excellent pairs. There are a number of missing features and apps, but others should still work quite well. Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 is an excellent smartwatch, that’s fun to use and wear. It has great fitness tracker and its battery life should be longer than the Apple Watch.