Realme Watch S

Just like other smartphone manufacturers, Realme has also released smartphone models. The new Realme Watch S is an improvement over the original Realme Watch. Other than offering a more refined design, the new device still offers sleep tracking, stress monitor, blood oxygen saturation sensor, heart rate monitoring and others.

realme watch S


At 48 grams, the Realme Watch S is slightly heavier than the original Realme Watch. However, the new smartwatch still feels noticeably light and it’s comfortable to wear. With IP68 rating, the Realme Watch S should withstand water submersion of up to 1.5 metres. So, you can be sure that the smartwatch will survive rain, sweat and accidental spills. However, it is not recommended to wear the Watch S while taking a shower or swimming.


The 1.3-inch IPS LCD display has 360 x 360 resolution with automatic brightness setting. For indoor use, viewing angles should be sufficient, but the brightness level will increase automatically for outdoor uses, so the interface and text are readable. Touch responsiveness of Realme Watch S is acceptable with rare unregistered taps. Alternatively, you can set the brightness manually and there are five levels to choose. The display reproduces colours quite accurately and there shouldn’t be any problem with legibility. The Corning Gorilla Glass 3 should provide excellent protection against scratches, but the display can still crack when subjected to severe impacts. There are more than 100 faces to choose, which is a good thing if you want to customize your smartwatch.


The Realme Watch S comes with 14 built-in apps and you have the option to tinker the settings. Before using the Watch S, you need to open the Link app first to set up an account. You can pair the smartwatch with your Android smartphone using the same Link app. Thankfully, the process is easy and straightforward, so you can use the Watch S quickly. However, you need to agree that the smartwatch will collect personal health and location data, as well as managing your data. The barebone UI is light enough to allow responsive and fluid interactions. The interface should feel solid and things will work as expected. The heart rate sensor can track your cardiovascular performance for 24 hours. The sleep tracking feature could measure your quality of sleep.

Battery life

With its 390mAh battery, the battery life of Realme Watch S is simply exceptional. As advertised, the new smartwatch could last for two weeks on a single charge with normal use. In comparison, the original Realme Watch could last for only four days. This means, you don’t need to charge the smartwatch every night. If you do need to charge the smartwatch, it will only take two hours, so you can do that at the workplace if needed.


The Realme Watch S is a more capable device compared to the original Realme Watch and it has sleek design as well. It could measure your blood oxygen levels, heart rate and workouts level. It performs well without overcomplicating things. With retail price of €79.99/£74.99/$100, the Realme Watch S has good value. It comes with decent build quality and the material feels quite durable. Obviously, there are always a few issues, like inaccurate sleep tracking and occasional connectivity issues. Also, it still has LCD display, instead of the better OLED panel.