Yes, you read that correctly, a smartwatch that cost only $19.99. How can this be, surely it’s no good. However, you will be amazed by the Wyze smartwatch. Wyze is well known for Smart home systems, cameras, smart thermostats and even robot vacuum and now the smartwatch.

The Wyze smartwatch has all the features you would expect from a watch and they do not skrimp on the quality. With its lightweight aluminium alloy frame, it’s strong and sturdy. The watch contains a crystal glass casing and a pair of LED clusters which keeps measuring your blood oxygen level.

There are two different size screens that come with 2 different versions of the watch. The 44mm case size will have a 1.4-inch screen and the 47mm case size will have a 1.75-inch screen. The Wyze smartwatch also has a 9-day battery life, that’s amazing compared to Apple Watch battery life, which sees about 18 hours. Of course, a smartwatch needs fitness tracking and the Wyze smartwatch allows this and to track your heart rate, sleep pattern, steps and menstrual health.


You can personalise the watch to suit you by customising the watch face with background images, clock styles and colours. You’re also able to purchase various colours of straps to further suit your style. Your chooses of colours are brown leather and forest green leather which is price at $12.99 or, blue, pink and black silicone which cost only $5.99.

The Wyze smartwatch is also compatible with popular apps such as instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp, Gmail, Facebook and more.

Connect to Wyze Ecosystem

The Wyze smartwatch will allow users to connect and control other Wyze products. So you can turn off lights, turn off cameras and even control your heating from your risk.

The Wyze is water resistant up to 2 metres.


For a smartwatch to cost only $19.99 and have so many features, it’s very impressive. There’s also no difference in price for the 2 sizes they offer. An impressive 9 days battery last on normal usage and 60 days standby time. Its magnetic charging cable allows a charge time of 2.5 hours.

The Wyze smartwatch is set to rival a lot of the high-end brands. And for only $19.99, you surely cannot go wrong. Pre-order yours now, and it ships in March 2021.