In countries without dual-SIM smartphones, it’s less convenient to have a second number. Phone users often need to buy another phone with a separate number, which can be costly. People need a couple of phone numbers or more, to better organize personal and business calls. Second-line phone services allow users to use two separate phone numbers from a single phone. A common way is to use the primary phone number for business calls and a special second-line app for personal calls. So, when a family member or friend is calling, users could immediately tell that it’s a personal call. Other than for outbound calling, the second line is also usable for texting. The free Google Voice service is often used to simulate a second line, although it’s not purpose-made for this kind of use. A dedicated second line makes more sense for business professionals and it could start from less than $5 per month. Well-known second-line phone services are GoDaddy’s Smartline, Grasshopper, and 2ndLine.

Depending on the service, the second line could use regular cellular networks or VoIP. It is preferable to choose services that use separate cellular line because voice calls and texting can work as normal. When choosing a second line phone service, it is important to verify that the number is available across the globe. With a virtual phone system, it’s possible to use unlimited extensions. With SMS forwarding, business owners can get connected to their customers. The service usually provides a control panel to manage various available features on an easy-to-use interface, such as voicemail, call recordings, blacklists. SMS delivery settings, caller ID settings, failover forwarding, sequential forwarding, time of day routing, ringback tone and call forwarding rules. With the right features, these services could become an ideal enterprise solution for the business.

For people who want disposable phone numbers, instead of an actual phone number, they could use certain smartphone apps. By using these apps, you can get voice calls, text messages and set up voicemail.  iPlum is such an app that you can use. It won’t only give you an extra number, but also provide you with a lot of features. It is an ideal solution for business professionals and freelancers. Google Voice is completely free and it provides reliable service, although the interface is somewhat clunky compared to the commercial apps.