The people are very addicted to android phones for finding the best streaming movies for entertainment. A survey in 2017 shows that there are 4,150 adults in British, and 38% among them think that they have a habit of using smart-phones and android apps a lot. People even know that they are doing the wrong thing; still, they can’t leave it. A gentleman from the same country had confessed that he realized his android addition when his 4-year child asked him to leave the phone and play with him for some time. It shows that we are not only harming our body by using it in access, but we are also ignoring our family. The anxiety and anger are increasing day by day because of the excess use of these technologies. People always want their smart-phone with them. Even at trips, you will find many people engaged in watching different mobile apps. So, here we are going to discuss some problems and their solutions for the same.

Most useful statistics about the phone and android app usage:

The total time people spending:

  • Our young generation is spending a lot of time watching the different android apps for exploring the best streaming movies
  • A survey tells that average time most of the individuals spent on watching different android apps is approx 3-4 hours a day.
  • Apart from this, people spend an average of 2 hours a day exploring different social media apps.
  • So, the rate is increasing alarmingly and leaving a lot of unfavorable effects on health.

Statistics of the usage of smart-phones:

  • We agree that most of the work is now being done through mobile phones. It is essential to have a mobile phone while working. You do have companies such as that do a lot to check your code if you developed with Ruby.
  • But using it in excess while not needed is not necessary. We have to avoid its usage when not required.
  • It is leaving a lot of unfavorable effects on the physical and mental health of people a lot.

Children are watching android apps a lot:

  • According to the survey, 67% of the teachers are saying that their students are aggressive. It is because of the excessive usage of apps.
  • They never listen to the teacher and always are anxious. This thing is making them feel worried about their children’s life.
  • The feeling of hatred is increasing in most of the children.
  • Parents are also saying that children never listen to them because they are too busy playing games on android apps.
  • The new fashion in children is to explore the best streaming movies to watch them for a large number of hours.

Android apps are not a bane, but people made it so:

Yes, this is very true that the apps are launched to help people in many ways. Also, the gaming apps are there to provide relax of mind during our hectic day. But people are not using them in the right idea. People are using them in excess, which is giving an adverse effect on the mind and body. We can’t stop anyone, but we can spread different messages to decrease excessive usage. Some of the ways are:

  1. As a parent, they can discuss the disadvantages of excessive using. Parents are the best friend of a child, and hence they can easily save their children with the help of their guidance.
  2. Parents are also a role model for their children. The thing they do, their child will mimic it in one way and the other. So, first, an adult has to reduce the usage of android apps in front of their children to let them realize that they are not doing a good thing.
  3. After this, the best way to encourage the children for this is through the different stage shows in the fest — these things people enjoy and watch with interest.

So, there are ample of options by which the usage of android apps could be reduced. People will realize that these apps are only for use, not for excessive use.

Ways by which the addiction could be converted into love:

There are many ways in which the habit could be converted into use for love. It means that one can use these android apps to enjoy in the right direction. Using everything every time in excess is not needed. If you have something, then you can use it wisely for both enjoyment and do work.

  • These Android apps can provide you with the best information which would help you to complete your task.
  • Even a child can get a lot of information regarding studies with the help of these Android apps.
  • These are a great source of enjoyment as you can get a lot of games.
  • Not only in doing things but also they help in communicating with each other.
  • Every app developer is looking forward to providing the best information to their users.
  • Developing a user-friendly app is the main agenda of every developer.
  • The IT industry and the professionals working in it are working hard to provide the best to their users.
  • One can positively use all these things and can convert this addiction to love.
  • If you love to do something, it will be useful, but if you are doing something in excess, then it can harm you and your surroundings.


Are you also fond of the best streaming movies present on the android apps? Do you love to explore the android apps for watching different types of film? Then we are here providing the best data, which shows how the love for android apps is increasing in all generations. The addiction to the android app is so much that people can’t even live for a single day without exploring the android apps for various reasons. Everyone has their agenda of exploring android phones, which is different from others. We can’t judge anyone by their likes and dislikes, but anything in excess will harm, so limiting anything we are doing is necessary.