KIK is an instant mobile messaging app introduced by a Canadian Company, Kik Interactive, in October 2010. Since then mobile users across the country are using the application on various smart phones for chatting and sharing pieces of entertainment like photos, videos, or web pages. The connection takes place through mobile data or WiFi with mobile users having the Kik account. Scan the kikcode, browse the mobile number, or search for the username of the kik account user with whom you aspire to connect.

The simple functionality seamlessly synchronized with the technological innovation has made the app a preferred choice for connecting with other smart phone users. With the widespread use and reputation of the application, the company felt the need to configure the app into the computer or laptop settings. Thereafter, the experienced professionals of the company evaluated and tested various alternatives and methods to synchronize the KIK Messenger with operations of the computer or laptop.

Before actually getting into the steps and instructions to download the messaging application, let us understand the most recommended options of emulators. Some of the most recommended options are: 

  • Bluestacks: Bluestacks in a revolutionary tool introduced by Bluestacks, a technology company based in America. The tool works to imitate all the applications of an android device on a computer for a better feel and icreased user experience on a larger screen of a computer or a laptop. With this, you can easily have an access to your Google Playstore using the browser and enjoy the benefits of all applications with compatible features and easy system control.
  • Leapdroid: Leapdroid is a high-end android emulator that is more stable and credible with an added spectrum of benefits for users when compared to other android emulators. With this method of download, you can gain access to various android applications and games in a clearer resolution.
  • NOX: This is one of the new addition to the bandwagon of android emulators introduced with dynamic features and accelerated speed. The application is loaded with unique and inspiring designs, themes, and skin options to choose for a finer, cleaner, and more inspiring appeal. No doubt with additional features and high performance, this becomes one of the most desired options for downloading kik.
  • Memu: This is a premium and fast emulator with added measures taken for safety, security, and extremely high speed. The Memu engine is now available with better performance, smooth controlling operations, chrome-like tabs for easy switch over to other applications, and an incredible user experience. It would not be injustice to mention that it is one of the fastest emulator and an ideal choice for many mobile users.
  • Andy: This is a good alternative to Bluestacks with satisfactory features and high performance experience for flawless operations of imitating the android applications on the PC. However, this is a large file and requires time and space for installation. The minimum downloading requirement for Andy emulator is a computer above Windows 7/8 with minimum 3GB of RAM and a disk space of 10GB. 

Now, take a virtual tour to understanding the concept of downloading and using kik on your computers. Here are two simple methods to download KIK for PC:

Method 1: Android Emulator

Android emulators let you enjoy a complete Android interface on your PC, giving you access to all Android games and other applications in addition to KIK. Follow the steps below to download KIK for computers and laptops:

  • First, download the desired emulator on your computer.
  • Then open downloaded location of the emulator file.
  • Double click the file with the .exe extension and then run then run the installation process.
  • A wizard for installation will run guiding you through the installation process.
  • Follow the guidelines mentioned to complete the installation
  • Now, get back to the desktop, open the icon of the downloaded emulator, and run the application.
  • This finally configures the android emulator to your PC.
  • After the installation, log into the application using your Google ID.
  • The system redirects you to the Google Playstore on your PC as you explore on your mobile device.
  • By Going to the search bar, You will find ‘KIK for PC’.
  • Now click the application and install the same in a similar manner as you do on your mobile phone.
  • Enjoy the KIK Messenger on your PC.

Alternatively, you can use the .APK version to download KIK messenger in 3 simple steps. This method is applicable exclusively when you are using the Bluestack Emulator. To download using the .APK version, follow the steps below:

  • After the actual process of downloading, installing, and configuring the Bluestack emulator to you PC, download and save the .APK file attributed to the KIK for PC.
  • Use file manager locate and then run the .APK file.
  • The downloaded Android Emulator automatically launches and the flawlessly runs the KIK messenger on your PC.

Method 2: Chrome Extension Method

Chrome extension is an online approach to get the messenger on your computers and laptops. To download using this approach, follow the steps below:

  • Browse Google Chrome on your PC and search for ‘Chrome extension for Kik’.
  • Click on ‘Search’ and then the first link displayed in the list of search results.
  • The screen displays a new window wherein you will find ‘Add to Chrome’.
  • Click the button and this finally installs KIK on your PC.

Amidst the millions of users across the boundaries, everyone have their own aspirations and choices for selecting their preferred choice for downloading and installing kik on their PC. Everyone have their own choices of emulators and some even go with the online approach. However, both the methods have their own advantages and drawbacks. So, go ahead with choosing the aspired method, enjoy the entertaining world of KIK Messenger, and stay connected to your friends, relatives, and all your loved ones with just a few fingers playing music of life on the keyboard.