Norton offers online protection for the gadgets that we use. It offers a variety of plans as a choice for the user to select. The latest one being, LifeLock Identity Theft Protection and it also enhances the security of all the devices and ensures our personal data is safe.

Norton is the product of Symantec Corporation. It is the leading anti-virus and anti-malware software for 20 years.

What makes Norton so special then? Norton has some amazing features to safeguard our devices.

Some specific features are:

  1. Security of data: Our personal data and information are always kept safe with Norton. Norton helps to detect, diagnose and block the virus and malware that is harming the data. The data is safeguarded and hence there is no chance of data leak.
  2. Cyber security: The internet is safe due to firewall protection. The important files of the system are not harmed due to the security. It also avoids access to webcam from unknown sources. Password, user name, and important financial data are secure under Norton.
  3. Safeguarding email: unsolicited emails are blocked as soon as they hit the inbox. The detailed report is generated so the users can avoid any such harm in the system. Most virus and malware spam through email hence Norton provides utmost safety to our inbox safeguarding necessary emails and blocking the unwanted ones.
  4. Interface that is simple: Norton has a simple interface that usually once the scanning is done shows the message “You are protected”. The interface is user-friendly and easy to understand to explore the different options and scanning that Norton provides. User interface should be simple because once the scanning is over and the report is generated. It is a user-readable
  5. No consuming of speed or space: Usually other application programs of anti-virus consumes a lot of space and the speed of the CPU. It is not the case with Norton. None of the programs is interrupted by Norton. It doesn’t consume the resources of the system or takes up the speed of the operating system. This gives a big relief for the user who is worried about the performance of their system.

After having known these features, if the user has any queries or technical issues Norton Online Support UK has to be contacted.

Norton online support UK helps us in

  1. Installation issues: If the user has some installation problem or the problem with the product key, they can contact the helpline.
  2. Updating / Renewing: The team can be approached for the updating or renewing of the software. Norton is known for providing different versions of the anti-virus software. Users can benefit from this helpline.


Mcafee total protection uk is always an available and accessible helpline that has a tech support team who help the users to come out of their technical issues. By contacting those users can resolve their queries from home itself.