Finding influencer is quite hectic line of work plus managing it with your brand affinity endorse it with more pressure, but here you are at right place to know how to find right instagram influencer according to your brand base and your product type within the most  pocket friendly budget.

Firstly, Lets discuss about what is influence marketing so you could find it much easier to understand plus about the social in-fluctuations and the trends following and the prospect of influence marketing plus how it works and why do people keep on searching on it like you did.

Influence marketing is basically a process of igniting desire of a certain product or brand, or we can say it’s like recommending the products or brand to an individual or tons of people, so by your influence people would create a certain image of that particular product and eventually elevate the product demand or boost the brand popularity in the market.”

Furthermore for becoming an influence marketer you are required to have a certain range of followers on any social platform like on instagram, plus you must have to posses some glass breaking caliber in you so that the people to whom you are noising any band get backs to you with the most astonishing results, so any brand or company or even people over instagram knows your working bore and could contact you for their brand influence and pay you accordingly, some brands pays you in gift-in-kinds that means on exchange of their products and others pays you credits accordant.

Now for fetching the right instagram influencer for your brand, as it has become the most rapidly used platform for influence marketing actually it’s isn’t a quick in search process you have to spend from hours to days to get the right and most impact-full personality for your brand, so if you pursue them for influencing your idea it will return with the best ROI i.e ( Return on Investment ) and for these you are required to follow some most practising and simple steps and here we go,

  1. Find your brand type

It’s super easy to find your brand type it just depend on the products that you bring forth like wise clothing, accessories, makeup, gadgets, books, bags and many more, by rectifying your product type you’ll get a step closer to find out the right influencer according to your product category.

  1. Determine your desired outcome

Determining desired outcome is something that defines your potent toward the end result I.e more what you want your brand to be, the prestige you want from the mass audience that keep on checking on every new brand that gets introduced into the market or you just want to endorse your brand image with tons on expenses on advertising it,also determine what are your success criteria s and what’s the prompt measure you are taking for it, desired outcome also tell about the lead and traffic driven by an influencer to your account

  1. decide budget

Pre plane your specific budget that’s on what rate you want to deliver your campaigns and ad of your brand product via an influencer there exist a wide range of influence who even cost you for per post, it’s basically on you to decide what kinda campaigns you want and at what range.

  1. Fetch the right influencer

Finding the chic influencer is major aspect, cause it’s very much necessary for you to get the most appropriate influencer that aligns your brand prototype to it’s listeners, ,fundamentally don’t get blown off with influence marketer who posses a gobs of following list, perhaps there’s chance of faux followers and if you get into it, you’ll be like shooting in the dark, find an actionable influencer that fits in your budget and eventually have normal range of followers. Cause it’s obviously not needful to have the one with tons of followers ranging from tens of thousands up to millions, with my experience i can say those can only end up eating your pocket, better go for the right one and even not all the influencing personalities turned up to be favorable, so choose wisely a micro influencer might be beneficial for you as the ranges of followers never really matters.

  1. find influence network

It’s like a second option process, people generally try this when they find the above one too hard to accomplish, so they usually go for the second one by opting on a influence network, these networks are the software programs that holds a records of high tire  influencer and gives a short insight of their audience size , usage of demographics, and other statics data, some networks ranks the top 100 to 1000 influencers of all time with authentic engagements by tracking and ranking them, some of these tools are free and some offers trial period for 10 -15 day and other lent you some extra features on premium bases. So search accordingly and match up your brand type with influencer and get their connect data to offer them your offers.

  1. contact gracefully

Here you must know how to contact an influencer in a very gratifying manner, so he must listen to your offerings and show up some interest on working with you and campaigning your brand, don’t directly ask them to promotr your business in excgage of offerings it may sound harsh to him/her ,so be geniune and polite and then turn smoothly towards explaining your idea and then offer whatever required or you could,some of the top influence marketer have their management desk and you can’t directly contact them so you have to ask management team to fix an appointment etc.