One word that defines the current business environment for me is – hyperactive.

A business today faces too much competition, thus making the environment hyperactive. And as more people join the pool, it becomes all the more difficult for the service takers to take a decision in favour of one provider.

No wonder, the service providers have now resorted to an online platform to boost engagement with their target audience and reach them before their competitors do. Problem is, that you may not be the only service provider of a particular niche to do so. There are others, thus making things difficult for you yet again.

But boosting website engagement is no more dependent on how well one ranks on a search engine. Social media platforms make brand engagement a simpler task, thus making the activity of reaching the target audience a lot less taxing. Besides that, business owners should also think of using different mobile apps that can help them increase website engagement.

You need apps that help your business provide anytime, anywhere support as you can do with live chat software. In fact, Rare Consulting suggests that apart from price and quality, customer engagement is driven by the convenience of a website visitor. So to provide great customer service and build a delightful experience with speed, so that visitors do not think of going to your competitors, using support solutions that can be accessed on the go is essential.

So, if you want to make some office tasks more flexible and manage them wherever you are, read on and find out what software solutions let you do so. In this article, we’ve selected five great software options that come with highly convenient iPhone apps. Stay with us and learn how these apps can help you increase website engagement and take your business efficiency to a higher level.

#1: Salesforce for iPhone

Well-known as one of the most reliable cloud providers, with 150,000 users, Salesforce is a platform that offers a diversity of great features. Most importantly, this platform helps you define your customers’ profile and lets you create a website concept that will boost their engagement.

Salesforce lets you store all the relevant customer data at one place, letting you filter and organize them in the way that works best for you. Providing the classification of customer accounts, Salesforce makes it possible for businesses to create individual marketing and selling plans for different target groups. And you can perform all these activities (and many others) not only on your computer but on your iPhone, as well.

#2: Zoho CRM for iPhone

With more than 30 million users in 120 countries, Zoho CRM is an easy-to-use software that will improve your business organization. No matter whether you manage Zoho CRM from a computer or a mobile device, you have all the essential CRM features at your disposal. Zoho CRM can change a large number of processes and increase customer engagement. For instance, it lets you:

  • Simplify and automate the sales and marketing processes
  • Track the website visitors behavior and discover their pain points in the website navigation

This way, you are taking your operational efficiency to a higher level, keeping your customers happy and engaged, and speeding up your business growth. You can choose from a large number of mobile tools, including team forms, analytics, social media management software, etc.

#3 ProProfs Chat for iPhone

Easily integrated with all the previously mentioned software solutions, ProProfs Chat is real communication and technical treasure for any business.

On the one hand, it lets your staff perform support tasks even when they aren’t in the office, by simply logging into ProProfs Chat on their iPhone or another mobile device. On the other hand, it also provides them with a number of features that facilitate the support process itself.  Practically speaking, your live chat operators will be able to:

  • use the software to predict customers’ questions and initiate communication
  • use pre-defined messages to speed up the interaction with customers
  • chat with other operators if they cannot provide the necessary answer on their own

Apart from increasing customer engagement by providing them pleasant live chat experience, ProProfs live chat software for iPhone is also useful in some other ways. For instance, it also lets helps improve customer experience by creating relevant statistics and monitoring visitors’ actions on your landing pages.  It also comes with the option of post-chat feedback surveys and provides operator performance reports based on real-time monitoring of chat sessions.

As you can see, the diversity of available options of ProProfs live chat app for iPhone takes your customer support to the next level, positively impacting their engagement and your business results.

#4 MS Dynamics 365 for iPhone

Consisting of numerous useful tools, MS Dynamics 365 represents a highly efficient cloud-based system. Using this software, you get all the necessary information to build a more specific and relevant marketing campaign. In addition, it lets you:

  • manage both internal and external events (team meetings, promotions),
  • build customized templates for all types of promotional content (banners, landing pages etc),
  • create surveys and other types of online forms that will help you collect necessary data.

Both desktop and iPhone versions of MS Dynamics have a sleek, intuitive design which lets you easily navigate through the software.

#5 Bitrix24 for iPhone


This software lets its users track all problematic aspects on their websites. Some of the features that can let you improve customers’ satisfaction, and therefore, their engagements, are:

  • Identification of bugs, issues, and problematic website segments
  • Simplified instant bug capturing and creation of cases that should be solved
  • Adjustable email and notification system that updates team members on all changes to the existing bugs in real time.

Bitrix24 is a social enterprise platform, and it represents a convenient option for both small businesses. It comes with a great support system, providing you with email, phone, and live support, as well as training sessions.

What iPhone Apps To Use To Improve Website Engagement?

Like we’ve already mentioned, today’s market circumstances require a lot of effort from companies. Not only do you have to offer great products and services to keep the customers engaged but you also have to provide well-designed, responsive web presentations as well as a high-quality real-time support system.

In order to make this happen, it is necessary to move on from the traditional ways of organizing and managing the business. This means that your business should change its focus and start to rely on flexible software. But before you make a final decision, you should explore different types of software to make sure that they have well-developed mobile versions. And the iPhone users have a lot of great apps to choose from! If you’re not sure where to start, we suggest our favourite picks: Salesforce, Zoho, MS Dynamics 365, FogBugz, and ProProfs live chat for iPhone.