Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have changed how we interact with the world.  You can now send payments to anyone on the planet without having to ask for permission from your government or bank.  Despite sanctions, it is now possible to send some bitcoin or ethereum to help out friends in countries like Iran or Venezuela thanks to the censorship-resistant qualities of decentralized blockchains.  Since bitcoin came to prominence, online gamblers in the United States are once again able to play Texas Hold’em at their favourite online poker rooms or roll the dice at crypto casino apps without having to worry about their credit cards getting blocked.  While there are literally hundreds of different bitcoin apps available for iPhone and Android, the number of quality cryptocurrency Apple Watch apps is quite limited.  Here are our favourites.


As the name suggests, this is more than just a simple bitcoin app.  Crypto Pro for Apple Watch, Android, iPhone and iPad also supports over 200 different cryptocurrencies and tokens, including Ethereum, XRP Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, EOS, Stellar, Litecoin, Dash, Monero and Cardano.  With the Crypto Pro app for Apple Watch, you can track anywhere between 4 and 20 of your favourite cryptocurrencies on the watch face.

The app is ideal for cryptocurrency investors and traders who want to keep track of their portfolios.  You can even set-up alerts that will notify you of movements in the price of selected cryptos so you can take immediate action.  The app also displays price history graphs for the previous 24 hours to allow you to see at a glance how markets are moving.   When you are dealing with so many currencies, the handy currency calculator enables you to quickly see the value of each crypto in dollars, euros or pounds etc.

The Crypto Pro Apple Watch app is totally customizable with different complications for every watch face.  You can back-up your data to iCloud or DropBox and there is even an advanced version if you are willing to pay a $36 dollar yearly subscription.


If you are not a professional cryptocurrency trader then you might like something a little less complicated that allows you to just track the price of bitcoin.  Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency and is the one that most casual investors like to gamble on.  The free Bitcoin Tracker app for Apple Watch, iPhone or iPad allows you to easily monitor the current price of bitcoin.  It also displays graphs, tells you the current trading volume for the past 24 hours and shows the daily price movements of BTC.

Bitcoin prices are determined on exchanges and there are literally dozens of them around the world.  The Bitcoin Ticker app allows you to customize which price feed you get your data from by allowing you to select from over 20 different cryptocurrency exchanges.


BlueWallet is a Lightning Network wallet for Android and iPhone that allows you to send an unlimited number of instant and free transactions over the internet.  The Lightning Network is a payment layer that sits on top of the bitcoin protocol which enables bitcoin to compete in size and speed with major payment rails like Visa and Mastercard.  BlueWallet recently gave a sneak speak demonstration of their new Apple Watch Lightning Network payment app via this Twitter video.  Soon you will be able to send and receive payments for free to anyone on the planet thanks to this new generation of Apple Watch Lightning Network apps.  There is no way to block Lightning payments, which is good news for online sportsbooks, poker rooms and other organizations who are banned by traditional payment networks.