Do you want to buy a used phone? Buying second-hand phones is a tricky job, as you have to find the best one for you from thousands of options available in the UK. Used phones can prove to be the best or the worst decision of your life, there is no in between. In this article, we would provide you with a detailed guide about what you need to consider while buying used phones.

While buying second-hand phones, you have to be extra vigilant as if you buy a faulty phone then all of your money would go to waste, and we don’t want that at all! That is why you should always consider the factors described below before you buy used phones.

  1. How Much Is Your Budget?

Not only before buying a smartphone but before buying anything you must take a look at your budget that ‘how much can you spend on the used phone?’ If you are not sure about your budget then you would have to do some calculations. If you have extra savings from your income then you would have to make a list of everything you want to do with those savings, then you have to prioritize your ‘wants’. Once they are prioritized, the next step you have to do is check where the smartphone lies in that priority list, according to that make your budget for buying the used smartphone.

On the other hand, if you don’t have any savings and you need to buy the used smartphone from your usual income, then you would have to see first; if buying a smartphone is a ‘want’ or a ‘need’ for you? If it is a need, then you would have to see what else you have to forgo from the need list to get yourself a used phone. According to this, make a proper budget for yourself to buy a used mobile phone.


  1. What Specifications Do You Want?

Only you know about the specifications that you ‘need’ or ‘want’ in your phone. You must check about the phones with the specifications that you want online before going out to shop. There might be many phones with the specifications that you need, but you would have to shortlist the smartphones by reading their reviews on credible sources. This is an ease for the people of today’s era, that internet provides you with certain websites that only contain the reviews of different users of different products. Through such sites, you would easily get the honest reviews about the phones that you have shortlisted for yourself.

After reading the reviews, you should further shortlist the smartphones and make a new list of phones that are shortlisted according to the reviews. After that, you should match the price ranges of the shortlisted smartphones and further make a list consisting of 2 to 3 mobile phones that lie in your budget. You must not make a big list of smartphones, as that would confuse you afterwards while buying the phone. That is why we ask you to follow these steps to shortlist a maximum of 2 to 3 smartphones.


  1. What Operating Software Do You Want?

In today’s world there are three types of smartphones available in the market; Android phones, iPhones (iOS) and Windows phones. You would further have to shortlist the phones according to your preference about the operating software of your phone. If you are indifferent about the operating software of your future phone then this part would be skipped. But if you are software specific, and want specific software to be in your future phone then you would have to shortlist further.


  1. Do You Want To Buy It From Local Shops?

There are many offline stores in the UK where you can buy your favourite second-hand phones from. Although these stores have a lot of options, those options are still limited as compared to the other mediums. You might or mightn’t find the phone that you want from these stores. Also, the phones available on such shops are not reliable in a way that those phones aren’t tested or checked before they are sold. It might happen that you get an illegal phone (Stolen or a phone used for illegal purposes before) from these shops and you might get in trouble for having it in the future. Moreover, these shops don’t provide any warranty with phones. So if any fault arises in the phone after you have purchased it then you would have to get it repaired yourself. That’s why we don’t suggest you buy phones from offline stores around you.


  1. Do You Want To Buy It From Someone You Know?

What is better than finding the phone that you want is sold in your social circle! We feel good while purchasing something (Second Hand Phone) from someone we know, but this deal is risky as well. This may cost you your relationship with that certain person. Humans are always selfish, its human nature and we cannot deny it! Due to such traits in human beings, we should not trust anyone without having a strong reason behind it. You might buy the phone and afterwards, it proves to be a faulty one. That is the most stressing moment that you cannot say anything to the person from whom you have bought the phone like this might ignite a fire between you two and both might end up in a fight. That is why we don’t want you to get stuck in such a situation, so we don’t suggest you to buy the second-hand phone from someone you know.


  1. Do You Want To Buy It Online?

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